Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Balls: Dry or Sweaty?

A couple of weeks ago, as we discussed grooming, a Faithful Reader requested that I ask the guys: Does your groin sweat?
He states he's never experienced sweaty balls. In the summer, at least, my groin area has always gotten sweaty. Very sweaty.
Between freeballing

and using Fresh Balls, the issue has resolved for the most part. There are still days when I've been shopping or visiting relatives and can't wait to get home so I can drop trou to air things out.

Briefs can suck up some moisture, but after a while even those will become damp and uncomfortable. Not to mention the odor which can develop over the course of the day.

 Even though some manufacturers claim the material will "wick away moisture" and combat odor.
I've found that those didn't do the trick for me, and I went right back to freeballing.

 And if I can, I'll even find a time and place to open up and air out.

So, help this dude out... Does he have plenty of company in being dry? What say you, guys?
Do you get sweaty balls?


Jay in Denver said...

Excellent Question, and an EXCELLENT pictorial to help explain the equipment that the question generates around.
I find that my entire package would get sweaty, based on the days activity. However my balls would always get that way. However two major changes improved it. Most important shaved or close shaved balls and the correct underwear. For me it is Tommy Johns, might be something else for others. However there is never anything that beats "free Balling" which if find more and more men are sporting for some reason.

Mark Greene said...

PLEEEASE! My balls start to get musty after 10 minutes! If I walk 10 steps I've worked up a sweat! LOL But I don't like going commando because I hate flopping all over the place. Especially when I sit down I always have to readjust. Quite annoying.

The only time I really worry about it is if I'm at someone's place and I have to pee. If its been one of those hot days it can be quite embarrassing having someone use the facilities after you. ESPECIALLY if its a lady!

However if it is a hot guy that I followed after the rest rest room (depending if it just #1) I may take a few deep inhales.....(Don't judge like you never did it too!! LOL)

The Male Casting Couch

French Patrick said...

I have never sweaty balls. Perhaps because I lived my 1_ first years in Madagascar? I don't know. I never used the material that wicks away moisture and combats odor, no more in this area than elsewhere.
Therfore I am not concerned but I have learnt recently that these substances are incriminated in the hormonal problems, the reduction in fertility, breast cancer, but also in the development of allergies or neuronal problems. It is necessary to avoid, even to reject those who contain of the triclosan, the paraben or the aluminium salts (the tetrachlorohydrex GLY and the stone of alum being too aluminium salts)

I wish you a wondrous day, mon chéri, at the sama time as to our wonderful Jean, with lots of bisous.

Anonymous said...

For those that sweat, there is a neat underwear by David Archy which cradles the ball sac and keeps the penis separate and has a nice quick access to the penis for urinating.


I don't have much trouble with sweaty balls or groin. But I only wear undies when I'm out and about. At home I "free ball" or go nude. Trust you are recovering well! Rest up! Thanks for your visits and comments!

mistress maddie said...

Even in the heat I rarely sweat. If I'm laying out in direct sun with my square cuts on, I do get a bit damp. When it comes to shorts and jeans, I almost always go commando. But I like when it's hot because my balls hang even lower.

Semper Veri said...

Up until about 2 months ago I was always dry. However, after I finally reached my goal of gaining 10 pounds raising me to 180 which happened all of the sudden in 6 weeks after eating 4,000 calories a day for one year. Weird, yes. I still don't understand. Anyhoo, my balls have started to sweat along with my ass crack and my taint... WTF? While sitting in a hard plastic chair as in what is in the break room at work... I leave a sweaty ass crack print. OMG! I've never done that before. It is freaking me out! After my rather sudden weight gain I have notice that my thighs rub together when I walk causing a change in the way my balls hang and sometimes my sack gets caught up in the friction between my thighs. Oh Deere! LOL!

Anyhoo... Being Damp isn't a problem yet, but I am used to not noticing because I've been dry for 37.7 years and now...

Anonymous said...

I definitely understand what this bro is saying. 1st off I had no clue of "Fresh Balls" holy crap what an idea and product I must try.
I myself suffer from wet, and sweaty balls. I go through at least 2 pairs of undies a day, just so I can stay dry and comfortable. In addition, I'm not cut either and well using the bathroom and shaking your penis to get every last drop out well doesn't always work. A drop or so may come out and yes, it's absorbed by my underwear, but after about half way through my day and work, walking and sitting and then going outside in 100degree heat makes my balls sweat and sometimes, you have the odor. I shower daily and clean my penis, with me being uncut, you have to or else we'll a guy can't get yeast build up and an infection. So, yes this bro isn't alone, my balls sweat and no matter what I do, it still seems that my undies are damp and moist just from sweat. So, Freah balls here I come and last resort is I'll go back to freeballing. Not alone bro!

AOM said...

A slight moistness here - though I do love my balls warm and sweaty at times. I hope you are doing well and having a jizztastic day, bro. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Jean WM said...

Interesting problem. Powder and natural fibers are a common solution; I did read one time that anti-perspirant was a good keep dry solution for sweaty hands, so wonder if a spray, true anti- perspirant would work.

Always enjoy the comments, thanks Pat and Patrick for your efforts to educate me! Bisous (the name of my new lipstick!)

harry said...

My balls do not normally get sweaty unless it is unusually humid. I can take the heat but the high humidity really kills me. This year, Toronto has experienced unusually hot and humid weather all summer long. Thank God for central air-conditioning. Before getting that, I can remember years of sitting around the house naked, in utter torpor, with an electric fan blowing comforting air on my hot and sweaty balls.

By the way, what is/are Fresh Balls? If you have already covered this, I apologize - I must have missed it or simply forgotten.

SickoRicko said...

Great post on an interesting subject.

Tex said...

Ok, since you asked--my issue is butt crack sweat. Balls, not so much. Since I live in Texas the sweaty butt is definitely an issue. Currently nine days in a row of over 100 degrees temp. I keep butt wipes at home and a travel pack at the office. A couple of wipes during the work day and a wipe or two at home in the evening helps keep it under control.

Anonymous said...

Before I retired I was an auto glass installer. In my younger years I wore tighty whities. Working on hot cars in the hot sun my breifs would get so wet I could literally wring sweat out of them. Often at noon I would dry my balls and put on a dry pair of breifs. Now I very seldom use underwear and am much more cumfortable. - Rich

Anonymous said...

My question is when you are comando and sweating, it won't left a sweat mark on the trousers?