Monday, July 10, 2017

A Topic to Explore

The weather this weekend was oppressive; hot (above 110) and the humidity made the air heavy. Even getting into the pool didn't provide any sense of refreshment.

Clouds gathered and roiled overhead. Just the type of day that makes you gaze skyward and yell, "Just rain already."

 Which is the kind of thing that happens to guys when the balls get that heaviness to them; an ache that yells, "Empty me already!"

Ignoring that, then the cock gets into the scene; expanding, lengthening, thickening, growing harder by the minute.


What guy hasn't given in to that?




But the question which pops into my head is this: as a kid, I had a severe case of mumps followed closely by Scarlet Fever. My balls were fried to a crisp. I have no swimmers.
Yet, my nuts still get that ache, the heaviness, that urging we refer to as "horny." And I wonder how that is possible. A topic to explore - even if for my own knowledge.
What do you folks think?


Xersex said...

it's a matter of urologists!

Patrick said...

I also had mumps and scarlet fever! But They seemed to have no effect on my sexual capacity!! Wonderful photos as always! Thanks for your visits and comments! 8C here at present.

Anonymous said...

For crying out loud !! maybe you have no swimmers from your nuts, but the prostrate is still producing all that milky white spunk. That's why you still need to unload frequently. Even though you might have no sperms there, enjoy emptying the tank, man !!

Fullmoonma said...

All the other components are there, the hormones that make you horny, etc. They work together so you will exercise the swimmers and they don't care that they aren't around?

SickoRicko said...

That's a good question! I'm interested to hear what the reason might be.

Jean WM said...

Not sure of the plumbing involved but men with vasectomies don't have a problem and they don't have swimmers either. Big hugs and bisous, Pat and French Patrick.

T said...

Cant remember where I found it (some was on Youtube and other on The Doctors tv show) but they went into detail on infertility and mortality with sperm. Both are similar but not the same. One of them also said sperm is only a part of an ejaculation it is not the only part of it. They also said sperm is a fertility issue and not a sex issue. Semen sex, sperm fertility. That bit was not in English.

Bottom line is sperm does not last long. Average is around 24hours and they can be killed by just about everything. Vagina can and will kill them (female immune system is designed to kill sperm/stop them from reaching the eggs. It sees them as a foreign body), contact with oxygen takes them out quickly. Your own immune system can take them out too (it sees them as a foreign body). Sperm has only one job; find they egg.

Hot Guys said...

Agreed, it's really hot! So are these photos...
But the first few do help with the high temperatures :D

- Hot guys

Mark Greene said...

I believe a man's dick could damn near be falling off. but it wont prevent us from getting horny . That's just how we are wired. great post. stay cool !

whkattk said...

@ Xresex - You're right. Now I must find one online who will explain it for me.

Anonymous said...

You still produce fluids, most of which come from places other than the testes. So you will feel the need to ejaculate from time to time.