Monday, July 17, 2017

Life Without Shame

The blog at Real Sex Mainstream has posted two entries regarding celebrities who have either taken selfies or have not been ashamed to be photographed in the nude. I'm appreciative of guys who do this. Not because I am all that interested in seeing their equipment, but because it furthers positive body image in men.
Men have been so suppressed in nudity. It's terrible that we've filled them with such shame over what nature has provided. 

Here's the kind attitude we should all strive for. This guy intrigued me because he wasn't ashamed of his body in any way, shape, or form.
A young guy, probably early 20s, on the short side, with short blonde hair, but he was well-built; a swimmer's build with muscular shoulders and pecs, slender waist.
A row of sinks with a mirror above them covered the wall. There's a bench opposite. The counter was high to accommodate men, so you really couldn't see yourself below the waist. This dude jumped up onto the bench and began striking poses to either admire himself, check his bodybuilding progress,  or show off. Difficult to know which, but who cares? Because he had a beautiful, fully-hard cock. Slight upward curve and average length and thickness, and balls that swung low.
The guys in the place never flinched. Everyone went on about their own business. I stood and watched. When he jumped down from the bench, his cock bobbled and his balls bounced. All I said was, "nice," and all he said was "thanks."
He stood out because he was so uninhibited about his cock and its functioning. We all need to grasp onto a positive body image. No reason to wear baggy swimsuits
 No reason to be ashamed of wearing competition athletic wear
Life is short. Go out and enjoy it without shame.


Xersex said...

I was amazed by Justin dick!

Imagination said...

Thanks for pointing out my blog and the article about famous exposures. I understand your intention and agree to it.

Presumably there is an interaction between prominent and private exposures. The one affect the other. Prominent nudes are public seen and admired. And private people follow their good example. What prominent people do, can also be done by private.
Perhaps some celebrities think in a similar way. Why should we leave exposure only to the anonymous crowd? We also have something to offer and we will do it, because we like our body in the same way and have nothing to hide.

Maybe in that way exposure nowadays is a mutual stimulation. The result is: More and more people decide, whether they are private or prominent, to reveal their naked bodies and to show their natural nudity without any shame, but with great self-confidence and satisfaction. And that's great!

Patrick said...

Great to experience guys who are proud of being male with all its attributes! Great post as always! Another cold morning here!

Jean WM said...

Who knew you could get the flu in the middle of the summer! Especially after a flu shot last winter! Thanks Pat for your fine display today.
Hugs, and bisous dear French Patrick.

AOM said...

Thanks so much for promoting healthy attitudes, bro. I've found that even the nicest looking guys were always concerned with what they perceived they didn't have - great looking guys thinking "oh - I don't have big enough muscles - too short - too tall - ect. I hope you are enjoying your week and doing well. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

SickoRicko said...

Very good points!

mistress maddie said...

It's rather nice to just let it all hang out. Even at the woods some will not get naked, just to shy I guess. But it is beautiful to see a man with a nice body and a nice cock with some heft just hanging.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Oh, no... There was an outbreak around here late May, early June. Hope you're better now!

Marco said...

Let's celebrate life without shame!

Anonymous said...

all said life is short