Friday, July 28, 2017


It's been rough. We're tired, we're sore. The chaos that reigns in DC has kept us on edge. It seems to be a constant nail-biter. But, we made it through another week. Now, it's time to regroup.
Turn off the TV, put on some of your favorite soothing music. Leave the rest of the world behind. It's time for renewal. Get some of your favorite comfort foods ready, grab your favorite beverage. Then get naked. Kick back.

spend the weekend with yourself, treating yourself. No need to rush. Relax. 
 Enjoy yourself. 

Revel in yourself. Spoil yourself.

Take your time.
Nice and slow.
Let it loose.
It's one of the best ways there is to unwind. So, when the mood strikes again - and it will - do it all again.
Tell me you will... 


SickoRicko said...

I like your advice! Have a great weekend!

A French Patrick said...

All right. Yes, I will. It's my will. And a need. Even if that is for other reasons that the chaos that reigns in DC.
I whish you a wondrous weeekend, my darlings Jean and Pat, with a lot of bisous as always.

mistress maddie said...

Oh you know I will....I do everyday! I thought of you yesterday. Have a good weekend!

Patrick said...

Trust you have a great weekend yourself! Thanks for your visits and comments! Cold morning but nice sunny day promised! Great post as always.

Anonymous said...

For a second I thought we'd see photos of Bannon trying to suck his own 🍆 Thank you for not going that way.

Jean WM said...

Geeez, just when you think the USA politics couldn't get any worse. In the past all presidents look like they had aged greatly at the end of their term, but this time I think it's us who are going to be aged before all this is over!

Yes ! Count me in for a quiet weekend! I'll be reading my copy of the Sunday New York Times (fake news) have a good weekend, bisous.

Xersex said...

I'm back! I'm sorry for USA chaos!
And I'm sorry I have no time to see and comment every post I missed!