Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I'm at a loss today. Maybe it's time for a little humor.
Absolute guarantee guys will do so.

Yeah, but what can you do with it?


You may as well erase the first word

"Advice From a Caterpillar"? Well, mine is always trying to tell me what to do.

Someone has to clean up after the circle jerk

Words that Faithful Reader Xresex lives by

Dudes, can't you read?

Yep, I've felt that way about mine once in a while.

"Holy shit! Did I just see that???"

Um...you're supposed to cum in the sock.

What we all say when our cocks stand up

Wave good morning to the window washer!

I hope this provided at least a smile. Have a good day!


Marco said...


Patrick said...

Very good! Liked it! Thanks for you continuing visits and comments. Glorious day here yesterday for mid-July, but colder days forecast!

SickoRicko said...

Many smiles and chuckles, thanks.

mistress maddie said...

Ask me about my boner? I want to do more than ask about it!!!! Humor is also good. You should post one of these a week.

that one guy said...

My opinion is if it's fun, it can also be funny. Cock & masturbation humor is the best :)