Friday, December 22, 2017

A Matter of Nature.

Here's a perfect example of how countries around the world are more open than the U.S. when it comes to male nudity and sex in film. A compilation of 60 films in which the actors - not porn actor body doubles - are naked, hard, and stroking away - and (some) even cum. Film compilation:

Click the photo - it should open a new window to view the video.
If you can catch them (some scenes are very dark), the film titles alternate in the bottom corners of the video. The openness, the honesty within the UK that men should not have to hide their bodies

is refreshing.



That, within many European nations, our parts operate as they do, and we enjoy it, is simply a matter of nature.



is an attitude I wish would spread.


SickoRicko said...

Neat post! Have a fabulous holiday!

Xersex said...

Sexy for sure!

Patrick said...

Have a great weekend and Christmas!

A French Patrick said...

I spread, my friend, I spread. You know that my blog is entirely made in this purpose, as well as yours in its own way.

that's an understatement that we do not reach everywhere a free and serene sexual life. No individual behavior is the object of legislations as much as the sexuality, in no country. The geographer Nadine Cattan and Stéphane Leroy signed an ambitious Wold Atlas of the customs and the sexual practices through the globe which was mapped by Cécile Marin.

For the sake of brevity, let me cut to the chase so as to spare your precious time: Venezuela is unquestionably the country sexually ideal, and, lol, certainly not Great Britain.

To prove to you that I am obedient, I am even spreading my best wishes and my many bisous on you, my darlings Jean and Pat.

Jean WM said...

Merry Christmas everyone! Let the fun begin! Hugs and bisous to all and your families. French Patrick, best wishes for your family!

T said...

Broadcast regulations; advertising specifically. That dictates what you see on tv. Especially when it involves Free-to-Air. It ultimately involves money.

Cable/Pay TV much more freedom but is not advertiser friendly. You pretty much got free reign on cable as advertising on that platform is very limited plus it has a lower user base. Companies dont like that. If it limits their ability to make a dollar they wont touch it.

US Media is dictated by corporate greed. More money in Free-to-Air from advertising. If they can make a dollar from it they will show it. They will make more money from a naked woman than a naked man; hence why topless women appear more on free to air than naked men. Considering the current climate in US Media at the moment its no surprise at all how far some go to get that dollar; even at the expense of someone else. Exploitation, media and advertising provide the perfect storm; at some point its all going to collide.

Other countries you will find its not so much their society values (nudity and such) but more their very strict advertising laws. It has a flow on effect.

Hot Guys said...

Interesting facts and numbers... :) Not that surprising, though!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree - America has a long way to go to maturity. Another example is that in the UK the film A Room With a View that had the skinny dipping scene, was rated PG - while in the US it was rated R.

My brother, I wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year. All my best to you. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Anonymous said...

we go naked most of the time at home and it would be really cool to see it on tv - R

Imagination said...

Another great post relating to the most important matter of nature. I appreciate in special the compilation of 60 (!) mainstream movie scenes, showing real wank and cum! It's inspiring to see, that the handjob gets more and more promotion in movies and acceptance in today's society.

Jeffrey Hamilton said...

Gotta watch some of them movies! Merry Xmas my friend

Anonymous said...

According to Amy Schumer, the sex scene in Trainwreck is real. The movie's still true to its name, and the sex scene is still unsexy, but I still made more of it because of John Ceba's engagement.

The weirdest masturbation scene I've ever heard of, not seen, mind, but heard of, is Eu Me Lembro. I've never seen it because, well, it apparently involves a minor. How the director is free amazes me.