Thursday, December 28, 2017

Welfare of Our Parts

The more we know about the workings of the equipment that has been bestowed upon males, the better off we'll be. That's why I love getting the questions, why I love the referrals to important articles and reports. They all assist in passing on needed information for the health and welfare of our parts.

When people can report - even in the way of questions - there is an open and honest relationship with their sons, it gives me hope for the future.
As French Patrick pointed out in his comment on yesterday's post, we can also damage our willy with too much jacking off if we aren't careful. We can literally rub it raw, leaving the skin of the shaft red and chafed. 


As young men in the throes of hormonal puberty, we go at it day and night to relieve the insistent boners, to relieve the ache in the balls, to ward off a serious case of blue balls.



 Honest discussions are what we need. Not strictly between parents and progeny, but between adults; friends and family alike. 

Rather than closing things up behind the metaphorical curtain
We need to bring it all out into the open.
We'll have a more well-adjusted society. And, perhaps, emergency rooms and other physicians will see fewer incidents of trauma.


Anonymous said...

Not only has our dad been open about things he just gave us fleshjacks and lube for christmas and these things are awesome! i bet we need new ones by next year lol - the 2 Rs cuz im writing for both of us this time

Patrick said...

Love that scene in H! It would be great if we all had had an "uncle" to show us what it was all about! Also young guys need to be told to use some form of lube if possible to help avoid soreness from too hard and active stroking. Facing possibly our warmest day yet this summer here today! I was never a dancer, but I was told once, by a professional, that I had a natural talent for movement!!!!

Xersex said...

Very honest thoughts!

SickoRicko said...


Jean WM said...

Cold weather has hit. We’ve had a 40F degree drop in temps with even colder weather for New Years.
I’m thinking about those “resolutions".
I probably should pare them down to just one truly achievable one. Hugs and bisous.

whkattk said...

@ two Rs - the automated or manual ones? Either way, you and your brother have every reason to be thankful for the father you have. I wish mine had been even a tiny bit like him.

Anonymous said...

@ whkattk - absolutely the manual ones. As you have said, they need to learn ejaculation control, and this will help them with that. - Dad

Anonymous said...

Generation Z always confuses me. I mean, my dad gave us condoms starting at 13, and the time he caught me with a couple friends, naked, jizz drying on our abs, he was understanding, but I can't see him being so understanding if he had caught me with one of my brothers. (My bros and I did sometimes share a shower when we needed clean fast, and we would go to the pond and swim naked. We never did anything sexual together, though.) It seemed like a line we shouldn't cross.

I graduated in 2001. Back then, 56 kilobaud was the industry standard for modems. Web design sucked as well. So internet porn existed, but good luck with that. I can't even imagine my dad buying me a sex toy. (I only knew about lube from jokes in movies and on TV. Oh, and Mad magazine. I'm not cut, so I never felt the need.)

TAM when you jerked off with friends since middle school, rubbed dicks since high school, and the next generation still makes you feel like Hank Hill.