Friday, June 24, 2011

Slick Dick

Leakage, man lube, pre-jac, pre-cum. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s purpose is threefold. I bring this up because a recent forum post (with accompanying Poll) begged the question as to the typical amount or if many guys preferred supplementing their jack off sessions with a lubricant. The original poster also stated he wasn’t quite sure what purpose pre-cum served, but guessed it was to neutralize acidic properties. Well, he was partially correct.

Pre-ejaculate is for neutralizing the acidic residual traces of urine in the urethra, creating a more favorable environment for the passage of sperm. The vagina is normally acidic, so the deposit of pre-jizz before the emission of semen may assist in the change of vaginal environment to promote sperm survival.

Pre-cum also acts as a coagulant (known as ‘viscosity’ in semen fertility tests) which thickens the cum, making it cling to the vaginal and uterine walls to lengthen the viable time for fertilization. Men who do not produce any noticeable amount of pre-ejaculate beyond what is needed to neutralize the urethra are often benefited by actively exercising the pubococcygeus (there’re those Kegel muscles again!), releasing a small amount of seminal fluid before the full-blown blast of ball batter.

It also functions as a lubricant to assist in penetration. And, of course, lube adds a new dimension when you’re whacking off. Some guys (as mentioned above) need additional lube or the result can mean raw, reddened, and/or sore meat. I know, I know – lot’s of guys like dry-jacking. I do it myself quite often, but I’m also one of those men who’s pre-cum flows like the Mississippi; it usually starts before I even get a hard-on. And the sensation of a slicked-up hand really adds to the pleasure.

There are plenty of household items that are quite commonly used: Albolene (a moisturizing make-up remover) is quite popular, as is baby oil, hand lotion, and I’ve found olive oil works pretty well. Those are great of you feel the need to hide your solo sessions from prying eyes. But, as I’ve said before, I still don’t know why anyone feels the need to hide this particular pastime. The commercial lubricants sold (almost) everywhere these days are quite good – many are better than household substitutes – they’re long-lasting, some have added benefits like cooling or warming sensations, and a variety of flavorings for those who might like the occasional finger-licking when stroking away. And many brands have small bottles which can be stashed in a drawer or under the mattress.

Having a bottle of lube is no different than the all-important cum rag. As any men’s advice columnist would tell you, a man’s bedside toolkit should always include the following accessories: A small vibrator, a cock ring, a cum rag, condoms, and (latex safe) lube. So, do yourself a favor. The next time you’re out shopping pick up a bottle. And guys, while you’re at it, grab a bottle for your son(s). You know damn well they pound the pud a lot more often than you do – hey! you remember being a horny teenager with a perpetual hard-on, right? There’s no reason your kid(s) should end up with a sore pecker when the solution is so readily handy.

Another reason to provide your teenage son(s) with lube: This is the time guys should learn what feels good, what brings them to the edge and what sends them over it; learning control is tantamount to a satisfying release. If they don’t have the opportunity to grease up real well in practice sessions, the first time they dip that stick, the unfamiliar sensations of wetness will combine with an already heightened level of excitement and bam! Because my father preferred talking to me and my brother with the business end of a razor strap rather than having us beating our meat, the first time I had sex with a girl there was no thrusting involved. As soon as I plumbed the depths of that warm, wet cave I flooded it. Sadly, for both of us, I was done before I ever started.

You single mom’s out there, you are not exempt! If there’s no male role model to handle the deed for you, you’ll just have to suck it up and provide this necessary tool for your kid’s tool. And if for some reason any of you, moms or dads alike, are too embarrassed to hand your kid a bottle of lube, leave it as a gift on the pillow…maybe with a note that says “Help yourself.”
Now, lube up and go for it!
(Sorry for the repeat pics,'ll take a while to build up a new library.)


Rubio said...

Again, great advice. I was lucky, my mother gave me talk about masturbation when I was about 12. I had heard about jacking-off from friends. She gave a book which explained how male bodies worked and that also explained masturbation and ejaculation. It made me feel like I had permission to masturbate. She also gave me some cloths to use so I wouldn't soil my clothes or undewear. I wish I had been given some lube, that would have been great. She also told me to lock my bedroom door whenever I was "playing with myself" so I wouldn't be interrupted. Not too long after that talk, I remember telling her that I had masturbated and that it felt great but there was no ejaculation, just a little white pearl came to the top. She just said it would probably happen soon and not to worry about it. That was really the way to help a young male.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 teenage boys. Do other guys really talk to their kids so openly about masturbation?

whkattk said...

Rubio - what a terrific mother you had! She understood what so many parents (of either gender) still don't get: That teenagers are hungry for the information and grateful to get it. We shouldn't hide the facts from our kids; if we do, we only hurt them in the long run.

whkattk said...

Anon: Unfortunately, I don't think so. And that's partly what this blog is about.
I really want to encourage parents (both mom's and dad's) to be more open with their sons.
Yes, most young boys do "stumble" across masturbation. But why should they be forced to struggle through an already difficult time in their lives when it is totally unnecessary?
Fathers especially should have more respect for their male children than to make them stumble and struggle through discovering that humans are sexual beings. If they would teach them about it, give them to understand the way their body works and responds they'd be doing them a bigger favor. I can only see that kind of open, honest discussion as being healthy for them. They'd know what to expect and why it happens. Kids would have more respect for their bodies and for their (future) partners.

Anonymous said...

That picture with the guy in army shorts is really hot.

Also, my mom talked to me about masturbation...wanted to die. So horribly embarrassing.

whkattk said...

Anon, June 28: Sorry it was embarrassing for you...but, after initial embarrassment I hope it got easier. And I hope you found the information she gave to be useful.

Rubio said...

Yes, I was lucky to grow up in a sex positive home, due solely to my mother's cool attitude. My father was distant and gone a lot. I think my mother just thought that masturbation was a healthy outlet for young males, and she was absolutely right.

Anon, I hope you will talk to your boys about it. I would have the talk with each alone and not together. Of course, they probably know all about masturbation, but what the talk will do is to make sure they are masturbating in a healthy way (not doing anything that would injure the penis), but more importantly you are sort of giving them permission to j/o all they want, which take away any guilty feelings. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

For those of us who want to avoid questionable ingredients like petroleum derivatives and parabens, another fine lube is coconut oil. It's nice and slick, and is miscible, so water or saliva enhances the experience. Tastes good, too, for those of you with evil intent. :)

whkattk said...

@Anon, Oct 27 - Thanks for providing some great additional info! And, as far as taste goes...well, there's nothin' wrong with a little tongue action!