Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Change of Pace


Fantasy is great - it changes things up for us. I sometimes fantasize when I'm with someone. When with the wife, sometimes I will close my eyes and imagine that the sensations moving through my boner are from sliding my hard-on between some guys ass cheeks, or that he's sucking my cock ever so softly. When I've been with guys, I might imagine that I'm titty-fucking my wife and I'm blasting my hot load of jizz all over her.

This is why guys like a blow job or hand job; or to titty fuck, or sliding their cock between butt cheeks. It's the difference of texture that creates different sensations, as much as it is doing something other than straight-on fucking.

Remember the first time you went commando - the feelings generated on your cock, the way your balls swung against the material? Lord, my pecker was prodding against the pant leg immediately!

Years ago, I bought a pair of sateen and a pair of real silk briefs. The feel of the silk - smooth and cool on the head of my dick was an instant turn-on. Boner heaven! The sateen ones had an even smoother feel to them. Not only did I get a hard-on the minute I slipped them on, I blew a load like I hadn't cum in a month.

It's why I sometimes like to lie on my stomach and thrust my cock across the cotton sheet of my bed,

or why I enjoy teasing and stroking on my stiffy through my pants.

And, why, once in a while I love getting out one of my masturbation sleeves to stroke my cock, or wedge it between a couple of pillows and thrust into it.

Or jacking off outside with the warm sun on my body and a little breeze tickling across my nuts. 


It's all about changing things up to get the most enjoyment out of the activity and the orgasm.



Justin said...

Oh, the things we guys can come up with to get off. How many of us have glanced around our homes and thought Hmmm, I wonder...

O!Daddie now at http://smokeyandme.typepad.com/ said...

Whoa!! I think I need a cigarette now!

Your French Patrick said...

LOL, my dear Pat, I lost a lot of time and efforts to practise any sorts of sexual experiments while I just had to wait to read you to know their results.
Whatever... by wondering a little more, I think that there is maybe a light difference.
And anyway, I could not guess it.
Have a wondrous day and lots of bisous.


So many things can trigger a hard-on. I guess we have tried them all, well, when you get to 80, I'm sure you have. So, yes, it's memories and imagination and hot movies that can help! Hot pictures too, like these. Hugs, Patrick

Stan said...

It's also the risk of getting caught by someone outside in public.

Anonymous said...

i get real hard titty fucking my wife:)-but the good old days being alone with your cock,in restrooms,behind your garage at night,watching porn and letting it fly when ready :)

Anonymous said...

forgot to mention-those first 3 shots are hot! you can rub one out with the first 2-what a great body and beautiful cock on 1 and 2-the cum ! wow

whkattk said...

@ Justin - I've glanced around, wondered... and then tried! LOL!

whkattk said...

@ YFP - Oh, that was not lost time, mon ami. Any time spent with your cock is time well spent! Bisous!!!

whkattk said...

@ Stan - Yep - that sure adds to the heightened experience.

whkattk said...

@ Anon - Those can sometimes be the best, can't they?