Monday, October 14, 2013

Love Those Pecs


Well, it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. That means I must make an extra effort to get all you men out there to check the things you should be checking on a regular basis.

Guys! You need to check your pecs!! 

As one Faithful Reader pointed out in an email message early this month, Breast Cancer can and does hit men. The worst thing about that fact is that men don't realize it. And, to make things worse, men behave like - - - well, men; we ignore things when we should actually be going to a doctor. Some in the medical field add insult to injury because they aren't aware of the fact.


What happens then can be catastrophic!! It can be fatal. The mortality rate among men who get breast cancer is ridiculously high.


If you find a lump, go see your doctor! If your nipples are unusually tender, or if there is some discharge, go see your fuckin doctor!! If that physician shrugs it off, hightail it to another one - preferably one who acknowledges men can get breast cancer. 


Don't fuck around and end up in the wrong column on a statistics chart. The Whackman has spoken.


Fluffy33 said...

Great advice, and something we should all do. If you can check your balls every month, you can check your pecs too.

My Mother has had breast cancer and I now check mine at the beginning of every month.

And as whkattk suggests for ball checks, why not get a friend involved. Let him check yours and you check his. This could lead not only to some fun, but also support if either of you need it.

O!Daddie now at said...

This is some very scary stuff!!

Thank you for the consistent reminders!

whkattk said...

@ Fluffy - Smart man! The genetic code for breast cancer gets passed on to male children, too. I hope your mother is doing fine now!

Thanks for helping to encourage men to do cancer checks - on all the various parts!

whkattk said...

@ O!Daddie - Very scary stuff. Some insurance companies won't cover treatment for males with breast cancer because they refuse to acknowledge it happens.