Thursday, October 17, 2013

Package Inspection


Did you think we were done inspecting the package? 

No. We must be ever vigilant. A message from one of my Faithful Readers spurs me to continue the exam. A small spot on the tip of his nose...he passed it off until his mother mentioned it during a visit. Now he will undergo several surgeries beginning at the end of this month.

For those of us who love being naked on the beach - or anywhere outside, actually, exposing our cocks and balls to the sun. We love the warmth, the soft breezes on our bodies. Those times are wonderful. But, every so often - perhaps every six months on average - we should do a thorough check of the entire length and girth of our prized possession. Because skin cancer doesn't discriminate. It will develop on your dick or ballsac as readily as anywhere else on your body.

Below is a prime example. While I applaud that he's not ashamed of what he's got, that it works. Here's a guy who either isn't aware or - even though he's not ashamed to take pictures of his boner and post them online -  is too embarrassed to seek medical attention.

Look closely at the frenulum area, just under his cockhead. See those things that appear to be small lumps? Notice the one on (your left) - it's large, dark, and irregularly shaped? There's a damn good chance those could be cancerous. If he continues to let those go, he could lose part, or all, of his pecker. Or worse, his life. Personally, I'd prefer to keep mine, even if the surgery were obvious.

I hope all of you will do a very good inspection of your goods. Get a mirror and check every millimeter of the underside of the shaft, the sac, and the taint. You could even use the camera on your computer or laptop to get a good view.


Or have a buddy check them for you.


See anything suspicious? Call and make that appointment to have it checked by a professional.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to my Faithful Reader. And huge, heartfelt thanks for sharing. Perhaps it will serve as a warning to others: Don't let things like that slide.


Justin said...

I'll stick to the buddy check

Your French Patrick said...

I think that it is more pleasant to have it done by a buddy and that it is more effective to have it done by a professional.
My conclusion is that if a professional has a craving for being my buddy, he does not have to hesitate to send me a message.
Excepted, naturally, my dear Pat, if you are voluntary.

LOL, I imagine that that has to be a real delight for the exhibitionists to consult their doctor.

Anyway, I wish you a wondrous day with lots of bisous.

Your French Patrick said...

Excuse me, it's so obvious and usual that I have omitted to say that there are some great photos here.
Ten, one for each finger of our two hands!
LOL, perfect for those who cannot count otherwise than on their fingers.


Great hot post! Being very fair skinned, I try to keep covered when out in the sun.

whkattk said...

@ Justin - Just as long as it gets done... 'Course, the buddy system can lead to some fun!

whkattk said...

@ YFP - Mon ami, I volunteer to be your official buddy checker!

Ah...You caught that perfect match, did you? :-)