Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Quickie


Well, I haven't much time today, so I must make it quick. Ah... "The Quickie." Those can be as enjoyable as spending hours working over your hard-on. First thing in the morning, during an office break, lunchtime - anytime! Those times when your cock is super hard and twitching, and leaking pre-cum, your nuts have that full ache to them, and you can't get your mind to focus on anything else that needs to be done.















Justin said...

Very nice, love a good build up

Michael H said...

A quickie is all I had time for this morning... but this evening... a nice long, long wank is in order!

Your French Patrick said...

Quickie: I guessed what it means because it's close to quick, but to be sure I searched and found this:

"It is common after spending years in a relationship for the urgency and thrill once felt with sex to wane. Having a ‘quickie’ now and then... fast sex with little foreplay... is a great way to spice things up and revive some of the spontaneity and excitement that may be lacking in a mundane love life.

For those who don’t know, “quickie” is the term given to a sexual romp that is exactly that – quick. It is to the point, exciting and usually quite intense. And it is often more animalistic and lust-driven than regular “romantic” sex.
Five-minute frolics are great because they are reminiscent of the beginning of a relationship when it is difficult to keep hands off one another. When you’re constantly trying to break away whenever possible to enjoy some physical contact with each other. When attractions are so strong that you don’t even bother to get fully undressed before going at it. It is these intense desires that are at the heart of the quickie.

In addition to being a great way to injecting passion back into your relationship, quickies are a handy time-management tool in a busy life. There may be day-to-day commitments that prevent you from having sex as often as you use to. Or, maybe at the end of the day, you or your partner are just too tired from working and looking after the kids to get involved in an hour-long lovemaking session. A quickie is a great way to still get some sexual satisfaction, without having to devote too much time or energy!

Now, while quickies are a great way to get pleasure and keep the fire of love alive, it is not advised to ONLY have quickies. A loving, healthy relationship demands balance. Having an occasional quickie can demonstrate there is still passion in the relationship. However, making love (the romantic kind!) and taking the time to satisfy and thoroughly enjoy each other, is necessary for strengthening intimacy.

Just as long as it is mutually agreed upon (i.e. both of you know in advance that it’s going to be short and sweet), quickies are great way to..." End of quotation.

Great pics. My fav is the N°1, so much for what is above that below the towel, and their association constitutes a very successful cocktail.

Have a great day and lots of bisous, my very dear Pat.

Fluffy33 said...

For me, the longer I play the better and more satisfying the orgasm but sometimes, getting my rocks off quickly just feels so good!

It's the sudden release of tension and that little flurry of excitement you get knowing that no-one knows you've just shot a load off cum out of your dick...

I expect most guys like a quickie every now and again.


Another hot post! Such hot guys! Glorious cocks! Wonderful cum! Thanks.