Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Fascinating Phallus


I must celebrate the 500th follower of Big Whack Attack. It's quite a feat all things considered... This isn't the typical photo-only blog and it pleases me to no end that the things I have to impart about Man Bits has found such an audience. And a well-mixed one, too. Yes, the majority are most likely gay men, but there are plenty of straight guys, bisexual guys, and women!


Sometimes - probably like all bloggers - I fear I've run out of things to discuss, that the blog is getting stale, sometimes boring in educational pontification.

 But then Faithful Readers reach out. Some to offer ideas for new posts, some with questions, and many, many to say 'Thank you for doing what you do.' I am truly honored and humbled by you all. Thank you for being here!

I find the male apparatus to be fascinating, amazing, and beautiful in all its many shapes, sizes, and functions.







The sheer mechanics of its operation is nothing short of miraculous.

The amount of pleasure it delivers over a lifetime is a true gift of nature.



Queer Heaven said...

Congrats! 500 followers! We all love your posts so much!

Your French Patrick said...

Congratulations, my dear friend. I'm really very happy for you.
As for me I have more than 21.500 followers, but it is not comparable because at Tumblr it is a way to re-blog with a single click, and according to what I saw on many Google blogs, 500 to Google in so little time, it is a great consecration.
And above all a deserved one, in many ways as I am sure that it is not only for your blog but also for yourself.
To paraphrase you, the amount of pleasure you deliver is a true gift.
You won plenty kudos, my dear Pat, a wonderful day and lots of bisous.

Your French Patrick said...

Poscriptum: LOL, is the man on the photo N°1 fascinated by a phallus, by your 500 followers or by I don't know what?

Westernstock said...

Congratulations on your landmark. One with you in your admiration of the male form and appreciation of its mystery and beauty. Also one with you in your philosophizing on the blogger's emotions. Long may you keep on!

AOM said...

Congrats Bro! Most deserved. I must say for myself, my fascination with the phallus never wanes. Thanks for all you do for us. Hugs and Strokes my brother. AOM

O!Daddie now at http://smokeyandme.typepad.com/ said...

Amazing and so well-deserved. You're a nice guy and a good friend!

And yes, COCK- the gift that keeps on giving & giving & giving & giving

Justin said...

Many blogs offer different things. You offer cock advice, I offer a pic only blog that does pretty well, so unlike....

Justin said...

Many blogs offer different things. You offer cock advice, I offer a pic only blog that does pretty well, so unlike....

iama{GAY}tekeeper said...

can't wait to see what you post when you get the next 500 group of followers

whkattk said...

Thank you, guys. All of you! I am so thankful to have such great guys following and contributing! You have all become friends over the past (almost) 3 years. Many hugs to go round - many 'bisous', too!

harry said...

I love the video. You should feature them more often.

whkattk said...

@ harry - thank you! I shall try to find more!

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