Monday, October 7, 2013

Body (Cum) Shots


Here we are at the start of another week. I started my weekend a bit early. Had a really good session with myself, blew a humongous load, and woke up a couple hours later with a big ole boner asking for more. Of course, I complied. How does a guy turn down his cock when it's so insistent?

An anonymous reader left a comment on Friday's post asking about men and cum. He wonders why some men love having it spewed on them while others don't. Interesting question - to which I have no scientific answer.

The best I can come up with might be 'cleanliness.' Somewhere in the mind, anything that exits from the dick is akin to piss - which we're taught from initial potty-training is 'nasty' and we must wash, wash, wash.

Then, there is always the issue of cleaning up after we blast our baby batter. Let's face it, we can (and do) make quite a mess.


Cum towels of some kind, be it hand, paper, or tissue, are a necessity. (Okay, tongues work, too!) Unless we shower afterward - or jack off in the shower.

Some guys love cumming on themselves. The warm, slick feel of it can be nice - even a turn on for spurring on another orgasm.

And, some guys love getting what's known as a "cum bath" - having as many men as possible standing over them, jacking off, and deliberately aiming the geysers to cover them from head to toe.

Again, I think it's the warm, slipperyness that is the attraction. Let's face it, taking our still rock-hard peckers and sliding it through that is awesome.


However, I think most guys really don't mind having cum on their stomachs or torsos. After all, it's the typical landing pad when we're jacking off because we're usually on our backs, legs spread. Unless we're aiming to shoot for a specific place, for some particular reason (like a sperm count or donation), we really don't think much about where those blasts of jizz are gonna land. We're usually too caught up in the incredible feel of it.





So, when we hit that point of no return - shoot and let it splatter where it may.


Your French Patrick said...

I remember the question of your anonymous (one more, while it's so easy to sign with a first name or a pen name) reader: "Why some men like cum all over them, some don't".
You very well answered, but I propose you this synthesis.

Let us set apart the cases of real or imaginary allergy, and the prejudices of those who have never tried, as our dear English friends who think that the snails are disgusting while I adore them.
Rest those who tried.

I think that it depends especially on the memory which they have of it of their first experience.
Everything is there:
Was this experience pleasant or not?
Was it granted or imposed?
Was it one of their fantasies or one of their aversions?

Have a great week, my dear Pat, and lots of bisous.

Fluffy33 said...

I don't mind it on my belly and chest, but if it lands on my neck or face (which I must admit is rare) I do feel a bit freaked out. This might be because I worry that I'm not going to be able to clean it all up and therefore be noticeable by others first thing in the morning, but I also don't like the feel of it there. It's the wetness of it I think.

And although I enjoy wanking in the shower, the wet sensations make me harder, I find the clean-up worse because my semen turns to a very clingy jelly that will not leave my fingers or legs or crotch.

I must get a cum towel, it would be so much easier than tissues.

Westernstock said...

Nicely put together pics and discourse. I like the atmosphere of the cum bath pic. I often cum in my jeans and enjoy the wet patch, and then later the crusted dry feel! Dislike of cum is something to get over. Starting to eat it helped me!

Westernstock said...

Nicely put together pics and discourse. I like the atmosphere of the cum bath pic. I often cum in my jeans and enjoy the wet patch, and then later the crusted dry feel! Dislike of cum is something to get over. Starting to eat it helped me!

whkattk said...

@ YFP - Oh, I do like snails. They're quite tasty. Perhaps I am part Frenchman? ;-)

You add some very good points to the discussion. Merci!

whkattk said...

@ Fluffy - Those are very good thoughts and explanations! I'm very happy you added this to the discourse.

whkattk said...

@ Westernstock - I used to hate it when I jizzed my jeans. Now, I soret of like it - the wet and slippery feel of it against my cockhead.

O!Daddie now at said...

#3 (Jude Law)is a fake, but YUMMMMM!!

Your French Patrick said...

@ whkattk
If you are not French, you deserve to be one on the basis of this single criteria (and perhaps also as a "French lover"?).
There is hundreds of species of snails and hundreds of ways of cooking them. It is stupid not to like them without having tried ever.

whkattk said...

@ O!Daddie - Lol. I didn't even realize that!

whkattk said...

@ YFP - Mon ami, do I qualify as a French lover?

Your French Patrick said...

@ whkattk
I bet yes but I cannot be sure.
Your wife, your lovers and yourself are the only ones who can answer. In priori yes if you are romantic.
The French are known for being romantic, seductive and sexy, so it's no wonder so many expats seek “l'amour” in France, but it is far from being always true and it can be found somewhere else also.
We can also be half satyr and half Roméo or both alternately.