Friday, September 11, 2015

A Manly Stance Update

LOL... So, I'm returning from running errands this morning and I'm approaching an large empty lot right around the corner from my cul-de-sac, and to what do my wandering eyes appear? Another dude, this one from a Pest Control Company, standing at the side of the road, pissing.

For guys who are new to this, or rarely find the need...the cock will usually chub up a bit, because at first, if your dad never allowed this exercise in manliness, there's something erotic about pissing outdoors.

You go, guys! (Perhaps the pun is intended.)


Xersex said...

sure there's something erotic!!!

happy saturgay with my last post:

that one guy said...

I agree it's (a) erotic sometimes, (b) pleasurable always --- release of tension after a buildup is pretty much the definition of pleasure --- and (c) nothing to be ashamed of.

Joe Gage, my favorite pornographer, is heavily into the experience of pissing. Many if not most of his sex scenes start with a man pissing. Someone --usually the friend he's out walking with, or on a road trip with, but sometimes a stranger-- comes up beside him and starts pissing too. One looks over; then the other looks over; then the cocks start reacting; then the sex begins. Often they piss on each other afterward. Hot, if you're into that kind of thing.

Recommended movies: "Mens Room," "Gale Force - Mens Room II" and "Mens Room III," which has a subtitle like "Ozark Highway Exit 9" or something. "Dad Goes To College" features a father who's decided to go back to school along with his college-age son. In the first scene, they piss together and end up sucking each other's cocks. (In the final scene they take turns fucking each other in the ass. In between, "Dad" gets laid about 4 times by various combinations of guys.)

whkattk said...

@ that one guy - Now, I must look for Dad Goes to College... Not for the ass-fucking but because I do think it's so important for fathers to instill a sense of normal and natural to sexual activity. said...

Takin' a leak, huh? Nice.

whkattk said...

@hotguys - Yep. The third guy in two days. Then my own pest control man showed up here on Sat to spray my property, and took advantage of the designated spot for taking a leak outdoors.