Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pre-Cum is Great Stuff...But

It amazes me how much knowledge some people lack about their own bodies. The issue of pre-ejaculate, or pre-cum, appears to confound as many men as it does women.
Women asking why they find spots of semen stains when doing their spouses' laundry, and then fearing their man is cheating or secretly jacking off (which is another issue completely!).
Men asking what the leaking is and why they leak so much...even without an erection.
Doctors are clear to point out that all men are different; some leak like an open faucet, others produce very little to none at all.

Pre-cum is a clear, slippery fluid produced by the Cowper Glands. These are located adjacent to the Prostate. During times of sexual arousal the fluid coats the urethra to cleanse it of ureic acid left behind after taking a whizz.
The slickness of it helps to lubricate the urethra to reduce friction for better velocity.
It also aids in lubricating the cock to reduce the friction of whatever it might be sliding against.
It's really great stuff.
But, what some guys - and many women, evidently - don't understand is that we don't need a boner for pre-cum to begin flowing. Extreme horniness and a lack of cumming can be one cause.
However, if a guy is constantly leaking, causing wet spots on his pants
(Henry, I hope you don't mind that I hi-jacked this picture in the interest of education)

and there is no apparent reason for it, it could very well be a sign of a Prostate infection. The infection irritates the Cowper Glands which then begin their job.

I can say from personal experience, a Prostate infection can get so bad as to clog the plumbing, preventing a man from cumming. And, trust me, you don't want that to happen. 


Xersex said...

very interesting!


More important information! I know all about prostate problems! But I still produce pre-cum when aroused. Great images as always.

A French Patrick said...

I didn't know that it could be a sign of a Prostate infection.
Thank you, my dear Pat.
I you a wondrous day, my dear friend, lot of bisous where you guess, precum or not.

mistress maddie said...

And this is yet another reason your meant to blog your extensive knowledge.

SickoRicko said...

Very informative, as usual! (I love pre-cum.)

Jean Matthews said...

Always something to learn!

Amazing how Mother Nature gets all this right!

AOM said...

Thanks for this wonderful information. I really appreciate the education I get visiting your blog - among other reasons I visit. Precum is wonderful. I consider it a aacred nectar. Wish I produced more and more. Have a precum-a-licious day, bro. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Fullmoonma said...

25 or 30 years ago I went to a lecture on pre-come at Fenway Community Health Center research department - I was participating in another study they were doing on HIV transmission. (Research intent was to determine if there was virus in precome and answer was that there were some infected white blood cells that the precome had picked up along its journey down the urethra.) Volunteers had contributed samples for analysis. Researcher said it was extremely difficult to collect and handle samples because the stuff was so slippery yet clung tenatiously to any surface. His descriptions were quite amusing. Ah science!

Hot guys blog said...

Yes, that's awesome. Precum is such an important part in intimate fun!