Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Wood of Our Times

I really appreciate some of you sharing your stories regarding Tuesday's post. Here's a bit of my experience.
It was the early '70s and I was headed for boot camp. Excited to get out from under an abusive father and scared to death of what I'd gotten myself into. I'd spent the entirety of my pubescent life stroking cocks with my brother and our buddies.



I remember the guys in the locker rooms and showers at school. Joking around was ok...
But, start to get a hard-on at any point
and the accusations began. And, God forbid, your cock bloomed into a complete boner.
What in the world would happen in the military, housed with a bunch of young men - whose hormones still raged; sleeping 3 feet apart,
showering together, pissing together; naked together so much of the time?


I needn't have worried. Guys wandered the halls in the nude, they hung out in the Day Room to play pool, cards, ping-pong, or watch TV naked, sunbathed with it all hanging out. Yes, we stole glances at one another's cocks. Yes, some of us got hard-on's, not only in the showers but simply sitting and watching M.A.S.H. Yes, we all woke up with wood.

Thankfully, a bunch were unafraid of admitting to whacking off all the time. Some, like my first bunkmate at my first assignment, would stroke and cum in front of one another.
In my entire time (10 years) in the military only one guy got thrown out for homosexual activity. The guy he approached was a good buddy of mine, who politely rebuffed the initial advance. Yeah, my buddy admitted he'd popped a solid boner in the shower, like we all do from time to time, and thought nothing of it. If the persistent crotch grabbing with, "Let me take care of that for you," hadn't happened, my buddy would've let it go.



 We all must remember that not every hard-on is about wanting (needing) to get one's rocks off. 


Anonymous said...

Where are the other stories about being I service?o

mistress maddie said...

Another good post with a very true message.

Xersex said...

very interesting!

Anonymous said...

My story is that I was scared to death that I would have a wet dream and somehow be made fun of. But that was not a problem. I was so sleep deprived, tired and hungry that it never happened.

A French Patrick said...

Interresting. One time more.
I should have collected your experiences and have copied and pasted them on a text file to reconstitute your personal diary.
It is a pity that there is no tag "me" or " my memories".

What do you think of the fact that at least in the porn the bottom is often considered as being inferior to the top? Insulted, humiliated, when it is not submitted or many even worse things. Always to the detriment of the bottom, never of the top. I am a top myself, but I don't understand why. The top needs the bottom to empty his balls, the bottom needs the top to fill his ass. Therefore nothing in this win-win exchange justify the slightest domination of the top. Did we fight for equality of the heterosexual and gay sexualities to create an inequality between the top and the bottom?

I wish you a wondrous day, my dear friend, with a lot of interrogation marks and no less bisous.

SickoRicko said...

Great post!

Jean said...

It's always interesting to have a male perspective. Wonder how women in the military has changed all that.

Never thought top/bottom was even considered but I understand what French Patrick says. Women are so often on the bottom, ha, it never comes up. Hmmm.

A French Patrick said...

@ Jean,

I was heterosexual until I was 30yo (now I am 69yo) and I knew a woman who always wanted that her partners stretch out on the back so as, if I can say so, to sit down on them. And she was not less the "bottom", except maybe in her personal conception.

In my question "top" and "bottom" are not notions of geography in the space, and you can replace "top" by "giver" and "bottom" by "receiver".

Therefore in heterosexual sex intercourse, a woman can be on the bottom or not but she is always the bottom.

Anyway, you have understood that the giver and the receiver are equals to me because one cannot be without the other, and that I regret that and don't understand why it's not the same in the gay porn.

Best regards. Have a great day.

hot male studs said...

Well, your experience tops mine.
Your experience rocks, man! :)