Thursday, September 24, 2015

Unexplained Absence

My favorite sign
Glad you all enjoyed the humor. Right after that post, I finally got fed up with the weird floater and went to an eye doctor. (What a tall, young, drink of water! Even my wife said so.) He did an exam and wanted me to see a retinal specialist. His admin called and the specialist scheduled an appointment for first thing yesterday.
Evidently, a retina can detach quite quickly and cause permanent blindness. So, another thorough exam was done. (Not tall, not especially young, but a drink of water nonetheless!) The retina hadn't detached, but there was a tear in it... When I asked when we should schedule to come back, he said, "No, no. We're doing it right now! I just need to warm up the laser."
One word describes the laser procedure: OUCH. I told my wife I wanted to "mother-fuck" him, but thought it wouldn't be very nice, so I grabbed hold of the edge of the gurney and squeezed. Hard. Had the wife been holding my hand I probably would've broken hers.
Anyway, that explains my absence yesterday. I hope you all understood. I hope you all enjoyed the first day of Autumn...







go grab a bit of sunshine while you can

and enjoy it



A French Patrick said...

My dear Pat, you should have shown them your previous update to cheer them up and they would have ceased to be two drinks of water!
Anyway, a drink of water has never flooded anybody, then make what they tell you to make.
I admit that it is not exciting, but not to make it would be the worse.
You imagine yourself blogging with a keyboard in Braille, with photos in relief, admittedly, but which can not be "seen" with your fingers?
For the moment, have a great day, my dear friend, with a lot of bisous

Xersex said...

don't worry for us! all of us prefer your health than a "everyday must-be" post!


I was concerned! Now take care of your eyes! I have inherited Macular Degeneration but it is controlled and the specialist assures me that I will never go blind! Great post again. Enjoy your "Fall"! Our Spring has returned to Winter - very cold with rain and gale-force winds. Most unpleasant. OH! Yes! Good news from the neurologist. "Come back in twelve months"! Hugs across cyberspace, Patrick :-)

mistress maddie said...

No worries about us, take care of you first! Glad to hear it all went well. I went to the eye doctor once, nice looking...and I said my eyes are up here!!!! Lol!

SickoRicko said...

Hope your eye heals quickly! You posted many drinks of water today! Jerry and I grabbed one of the last warm days of summer up here!

hot guy of the day said...

4, 6, 7 & daddy #10 please! :D