Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Boners - Indicative of...

Welcome to September. We are on our way to Fall, cooler weather, and...ugh, clothes - those necessary things to protect our things from the elements.
One wonders when it became something more insidious...why hiding the body is tantamount to proper, moral behavior.
I think it's because the natural functioning was not understood. Women needed to clothe themselves because their nude bodies were thought to be too much of a temptation to men, who from appearances could not control themselves...

Actually they couldn't, but the likely reason for the boner had absolutely nothing to do with sexual arousal.

So, then it became necessary for men to hide for fear of those boners developing and being misunderstood, misinterpreted. One wonders if men's fear of being naked together is really borne of that same misinformation - which seems to get perpetuated. My gosh, if we can't be comfortable with the opposite sex, we should at least be able to be in a locker room, or with friends without concern over the occasional semi-hard on

or the guy at the next urinal taking a quick look
which is a perfectly innocent curiosity, btw
We shouldn't have to be afraid of a semi- or full-on log being mistaken for something it's not


When, really, those things should be celebrated, applauded
because it means your body is functioning exactly as nature intended.
What do you think? Is every erection (your own or others) about sexual arousal?


Xersex said...

in my case, almost every erections is caused by sex, even when I sleep!

A French Patrick said...

The churches cannot care less the natural functioning.
I think that when an erection does not proceed from a sexual arousal, and yes, this happens, then it is the sexual arousal which proceeds from the afore mentioned erection.
For the sake of brevity, all in all the result is the same (and as I knoweth well ye, my dear Pat, I must explain that "all in all" is not about an orgy, at least in my sentence).
Bis repetita placent(A quote of Horace: The things that please are those that are asked for again and again). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I wish you a wondrous day, my dear friend, with a lot of bisous.

Jean said...

When gay men were disowned, charged with crimes, comitted, hanged, tried and discharged from the military, etc, I suspect that made men very wary of expressing curiosity about any males.

Just being suspect or wrongfully charged was a disaster for a family when their name was everything. Any enemy could claim, falsely or not, and ruin another man. I can understand why this made men very sensitive about being clothed. Who wanted an enemy to interpret what was in your mind!!!?

RockHard said...

It was 1963. He was tall, thin and hung like a horse. We were in Army basic training. He soaped up his cock and played with it in the shower. Was he gay? Was he just showing off? Whatever it was it certainly was intentional. Knowing what I know now I'm surprised no one reported him. We simply stayed away from the shower while he was in there. There was another guy who walked nude to the shower and back to his room. He didn't make a "display" of it and no one avoided him, even though it was obvious he wanted us to look.

SickoRicko said...

No, it is not.

Mark Greene said...

I wouldn't mind having four cowboys, a business man and young guy in blue jeans comparing each others' sizes.

that one guy said...

If every boner was caused by sexual arousal, then every American male, gay or straight, would have a school-bus fetish.

I'd say about 60% of mine have to do with sex, but the rest are just physiological: hot shower after exercise, relaxation after activity, that kind of thing. I've pretty much trained myself not to get hard in the open showers at the Y, but I have seen plenty of guys' dicks change size due to the hot water or whatever. (There doesn't seem to be any showing off or stroking at this gym, which is kind of disappointing... but that's a different topic)