Friday, September 25, 2015

Spontaneous Cum???

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As I was going through my photos, I ran across one that I'd meant to discuss and it got lost somewhere in the shuffle. We've all heard about wet dreams - nocturnal ejaculations which relieve pent-up arousal. And most of us have had them - and maybe still do from time to time.
But, have you ever been otherwise occupied and suddenly - without warning - you get a really hard spontaneous erection and shoot a load of jizz?
That's what happened to this poor guy
This is known as a Spontaneous Ejaculation (SE) and, yes it is a thing. Clinically it's described as Ejaculatory Dysfunction or EjD. It is rare but happens more often than we realize.
These unexpected cum shots can be caused by stressful situations, nervousness over a test, or an interview, a project at work; PTSD is a common cause; even some medications can cause these sudden orgasmic spasms.
According to the International Journal of Urology there are two types of EjD:

"Pathological spontaneous ejaculation (SE) is a rare clinical condition of ejaculatory dysfunction (EjD). SE is divided into two groups, physiological SE and pathological SE. Physiological SE refers to nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) and diurnal emissions with sexual excitement. Physiological SE does not have the pathological significance. In contrast, pathological SE indicates that ejaculation occurs in the absence of any sexual stimulation, desire, thoughts or erection. Pathological SE occurs in various conditions, such as anxiety, panic, psychological stress, complications of psychiatric drugs and spinal cord injury."




The article states that SE can be controlled with medication. The treatment "of SE by Silodosin is very unique and effective. This treatment only inhibits the physiological emission and projectile ejaculation SE."
But, if you read that statement carefully, it really only treats wet dreams or premature ejaculation. Of course, there are better ways to prevent shooting off like a Minuteman Missile.




But, if you are one of those guys who experiences wet dreams on a regular basis, this might be the answer.


Xersex said...

never never had, I wanked so much!!!

AOM said...

Thanks for all the great information you give us and all the awesome hot images to full our bates. Wishing you a jizz-z-licious weekend, bro. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

A French Patrick said...

"These unexpected cum shots can be caused by stressful situations."
Are you put under stress by the idea to undergo an operation of the eyes in laser, and is it what what gave you the idea to make an update on this theme further to a night-event?
Are you put under stress by the idea to undergo an operation of the eyes in laser, and is it that which gave you the idea to make an update on this theme further to a night-event?
You put under stress you for nothing, it is at present a commonplace operation with no problem at all, even if obviously it would be more pleasant not to need it.
But especially, it is necessary to make it, that would be too grave to refuse it. You will be amazed to notice to what extent you did not need to worry.
I whish you a wondrous weekend, my love, with a lot of bisous, of which two on your eyelids.

Anonymous said...

After reading the definitions, I guess I have actually had one (thank God only one) pathological spontaneous ejaculation. It was in the spring of 7th grade and time got away from me in cleaning up a science experiment that was last period.

I heard the buses start up and the teacher yelled at me that the buses are leaving. I ran out the classroom door, down the empty hallway, out the front door. My bus was pulling away as I pounded on the door. He stopped and let me in. Out of breath, I found a seat and when I sat down, I launched into an ejaculation. Amazingly, I don't think anyone ever I carried my books over my wet crotch when I had to stand up. It never happened again. This was perhaps more youth oriented than pathological?


You are a mine of information on just sooooo many sexual things!!!! Unfortunately, no more "wet dreams"! Trust you have a restful weekend!

SickoRicko said...

Haven't had a wet dream in years.

whkattk said...

@ MFP - No, mon ami... :-) It truly was the photo of that wrestler. It made me wonder if it was possible during waking hours that a man would lose control and cum without any sexual stimulation and/or arousal. Now, obviously, the guy in the photo did have stimulation but his mind most likely was not on his cock.

that one guy said...

I've never had a wet dream --- started masturbating well before puberty, so I guess it never had a chance to build up the way it needs to... and if it ever started to, my cock would wake me up and demand to be jerked off. Now I'm over 50 so I guess it won't be happening. Oh well, I'd rather be awake for my cumshots anyway, which is just as well because my cock still wakes me up regularly :)

I do have a friend who says he experienced a spontaneous orgasm at the gym once. He was doing some kind of abdominal crunches on the ab machine, and before he knew it he was at that familiar "point of no return." He says there was no ejaculation though. Never heard of a thing like that before.

mistress maddie said...

I still get wet dreams at least twice a year, but have never had this issue. But must say that the gif A, got me quite aroused.....and had to blast off with him.

Jean Matthews said...

Interesting and not surprising that those who have had them, never forgot them and all the circumstances too.

whkattk said...

@ that one guy - Yes, it is even possible to have a spontaneous orgasm without actually cumming...which I found interesting.

whkattk said...

@ Anon - I'd chalk it up to youthful hormones, but it would still be classified as a pathological spontaneous ejaculation because you were not consciously erect, nor were you intentionally stimulating yourself to cum.

Hot Studs said...

Awesome post, love the pics.
I think #11 is my total favorite out of all the photos. :)