Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Exquisite Things in Life

Truly, there are few things in life that feel as exquisite as relieving an overly full bladder
For men, waking up with a solid log of morning wood is wonderful
But the saying, "My balls are killing me." and then blasting a load to empty those achy, heavy man-berries, relieving the case of Blue Balls after a few days abstinence is like Heaven on Earth.
There is nothing else like it; nothing to compare.
The sensations are indescribably delicious, the relief is palpable.
So, gentlemen... You want to make sure your balls don't literally kill you. And they can if you don't check them on a regular basis.
So, today - the 15th of the month - is dedicated as

Buddy Ball Check Day

The day we set aside all else until this has been accomplished. So haul the boys out, guys,

Give them a really good going over.
Once you've done it, then you can move on to enjoying them...  






A French Patrick said...
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A French Patrick said...

As for me, this time I think that I am rather going to verify that I have no glans ring as I hope.
What a strange idea!
And without consulting me?
Oh dear, what can I say? After all, the children have the right to play.
And also, this fob can be used as a key ring when we walk stark naked.
But other than that, no, I do not see a single advantage that we can find there.
But don't worry, I love you, mon chéri, and I shall not cease for so few.
I wish you a good healing and an excellent day with a lot of bisous.
I shall find many other places that the glans where to deposit them.
On the cheek, for example, for to change a little.
I hope that you are enthused by this idea.


Great post as always! Hot guys! Great cocks! Keep up the good work. Trust you are in reasonably good health at present. Patrick

mistress maddie said...

I have to be honest, that first gif made me jack off twice today watching it..........

Jean said...

Happy health to all. One day someone will post this was a lifesaver and thank you!

Xersex said...

love the cum pics!!!!

SickoRicko said...

Cumming is great!

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Mon ami - the glans ring is a soft silicone that fits right under the head and feels...great during activity adding to the stimulation of the glans. It slips on and off quite easily. I know, perhaps, I should've asked first... I apologize... Will you forgive me?

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Only once so far have I received an email from a reader who thanked me - he finally heeded my urging and discovered a lump. The testicle was removed, the cancer had not spread as yet. He lost a nut but saved his life.

That is one of the reasons I stick with this blog. I post a lot of sexual pictures, but handing out information is the true reason for what I do here. "Keeping the man parts healthy" is my main mission. The rest just falls into place. :-)

I SO thank you for reading - and for contributing with comments and emails!

whkattk said...

@ LP - Well, my liege, I am doing reasonably well of late. Of course, there is no stopping the advancement but slowing it down as much as possible is the goal. Thank you so much for always caring! Hugs!!

A French Patrick said...

I believed that it was about what we also call a Prince Albert, and that amazed me more that that irritated me, as regards somebody who advocates all that is natural, and who justifies what we are prevent from making, such as walking nude in the streets, by using the same argument.
I admit that I prefer that.
Bisous, my heart.

hotguys.com said...

Shooting straight is sooo sexy!!