Friday, September 11, 2015

That Manly Stance

I'm driving out of the cul-de-sac (sans bared boner), peer to my left, and peer to my right...and what to my wandering eye should appear?
Yes, it's that instantly recognizable manly stance...

I've hit that exact spot in the same way myself once or twice. Yes, even that close to home and there was no way I would make it even another minute.
Then, I get about a mile away from home, at the corner of a very busy intersection...traffic is driving by, and a group of people are waiting there for the next bus to come along. There, in the small landscaped area in front of a convenience store - which offers no conveniences to the public
6 (These are genius, by the way)
and a man is trying very hard to be discreet about pissing.
When we're out and about and there are no facilities in the area to take advantage of, what else is a guy to do? As a cop once said to me not that long ago, "What guy hasn't pissed on the side of the road once in a while."

Which is why I have given my pool guy
and my yard guy
express permission to make necessary use of my property. I've set aside a particular place, against the block fence,
which I use regularly in my small effort to conserve water - which is a very, very precious commodity here. Having a cock offers men this advantage, but it also provides no doubt in the case of those boners.

Yet, that's another issue we shouldn't be ashamed of.
It's a natural, physiological function.
Today is September 11...a day we here in the US should remember, pay honor to the 3,000+ lives that were taken in 2001. Not only those of the World Trade Center, but the lives which ended on that day in a field in Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon.


Xersex said...

the dick # is impressive!!!
you could hug it!

A French Patrick said...

It's not my cup of tea (if I can say) when men are drinking piss or pissing one on another, but when they are alone, no problem, it's natural.
Have a wondrous day, dear friend, with a lot of bisous.


As we were driving through France one day on my recent trip abroad there was a guy in a field pissing! He was totally unaware that a busload of tourists was passing! The whole bus burst into laughter! That felt very good! Trust you are having a great weekend, Patrick

Jean said...

Thank you world friends for supporting the USA on 9/11. We won't forget.

SickoRicko said...

Terrific post!

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Mon ami, I am with you in your opinion...

Fit Studs said...

Damn, some of these dudes are soooo sexy!!

whkattk said...

@ Fit Studs - Once again proving that your "Average Joe" can be sexy, too.