Monday, September 14, 2015

Wonderful (Naked) Weekend

I know it most likely surprises many of my Faithful Readers this morning to find I did a couple of posts over the weekend - something I very rarely do. I had a delightful weekend, filled with manly pleasure.

Saturday morning the pest control guy was here to spray. He does the entire property - and he took advantage of the designated spot in the back yard
Yesterday, I spent almost 3 hours at a local day spa for some unfettered nakedness of my own. Relaxing in the hot tub, the herbal steam room, the salt dry sauna, cooling down in the showers which are fully open to the rest of the areas, and just kicked back on a lounge in the quiet room.
It's just so calming to be there among all the nudity. There's always a sense of "this is me, this is natural, this is normal" in the way the guys walk around, proudly displaying the whole package. And there were some mighty impressive packages, too.
The spa provides all toiletries as well, like hair spray, deodorant, etc, toothpaste, disposable toothbrushes and razors, and shaving cream. A father and son were there, back and forth between the steam room and cold rain shower. Then they both showered and shaved before leaving. One dude took full advantage by shaving his cock and ballsac while he showered.
It was great because there were no double-takes, no expressions of disgust; it was simply accepted. There were tons of semi-hard-ons

Some unabashed boners
Mine included. And that's one of the best things about this place: not having to worry about anyone being offended by normal function.




I hope everyone had a weekend as lovely as mine.


A French Patrick said...

You've spoken very well about your weekend.
Me, I am going to speak about today.

Today, a French court punished for the first time a "manipulator" very severely with a stiff prison sentence, a big fine and damages. Do you know what is a manipulator? It is this kind of people who humiliates his wife or his companion, who criticizes systematically all that he is, all that he says, all that he makes, all that he does not make, his friends, his parents, with intent to decrease him, to make him feel guilty and doubt of himself. All that for dominating him and subduing him. The psychiatrists know that for a long time, but there was not a law until recently. And also, their victims were morally so decreased that they considered themselves guilty while le culprit was him.

You see, it is the same thing as a sadist in a sadomasochistic relation, but without the knocks, the wounds, the amputations, the burns, the deprivations of sleep, of freedom, of food, and all that I forget.
And of course, that should therefore be punished even more severely.

I wish you a wondrous day, mon chéri, with a lot of bisous.


Hi! See the guy from the Village got into your blog too! That festival looked great! Trust you are in reasonably good health. Patrick :-)

Hot guys blog said...

I need a gardener. :)
Any of these boys will do.

Queer Heaven said...

So glad to read yoou had a wonderful weekend...

Anonymous said...

Where do you find a spa or place like that is so "free" and open? Sounds great to me.

SickoRicko said...

Very happy that you had such a good weekend!

Xersex said...

you went in a heanvely spa!!!!
glad you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Uhm....sounds like a bath house! Obviously higher class, but nevertheless.... Where can I get one?

whkattk said...

@ Anon's - It is a day spa and, of course, there are separate areas: Men, Women, Family. While in the family areas one must stay covered. In the others one may be naked or clothed as he or she wishes. As he admired my boner (with my new glans ring on), one man remarked, "I wish we were somewhere else...someplace we could enjoy ourselves."

Because, you see, this place doesn't allow sexual activity. You may sport a hard-on -if it happens - but do not stroke it in a lascivious manner. Meaning no obvious masturbatory motions, and do not touch another man's package. Unless, perhaps, you think you can get away with it - so the place really is no different than your local gym.

But I like it there because of the facilities they have. Neither of the bathhouses here can match it. But, I did think - as I was on my way home - that perhaps I should have gone to the gay spa where mutual jerking off - well, sex of any kind - is allowed. So, maybe next time.

whkattk said...

@ LP - Yes, my liege, he did. And did very nice work, I might add. And, now it appears he's headed over to Hot Guy's place who needs some gardening done and your gardener said he needs the job. Of course, he didn't explain what kind of job he needed...hand, or blow! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey bud. What is the spa's name? I believe it would be great for us guys who need to spend some non-sexual naked time together with other guys... And where a boner is acceptable...

whkattk said...

@ Jason - Imperial Spa. There are two locations. But, as I suggested to one guy who asked via email, do a web search for "day spa" - check the websites and read the reviews left by men on places like Yelp. I wanted the facilities this place provided, but it was the reviews left by men saying that nudity was casual and accepted which tipped the scale.

Anonymous said...

@ whkattk thank you! There is a couple in my area. Will be sure to check them out!!