Friday, September 18, 2015

A Prophylactic Measure

I have placed an "Approval" requirement on comments to (hopefully) get rid of this person who spammed my comment boxes with hundreds and hundreds of crap about India porn. What this means is: Any comments most likely won't be visible until the following morning - though I will make every attempt to approve them sooner. 
I refuse to have any of my Faithful Readers take the chance that her sites are not not legit and be surprised with some type of computer virus. It's a prophylactic measure...

So, anyway, the in-laws stayed for quite a while, throwing the proverbial monkey wrench into my entire day. This is the thing one faces when living in such close proximity to one's relatives. I don't mind them dropping by, but completely unannounced bothers me.
Why? They know I spend my time naked.



Surprise visits require me to quickly pull on clothes. Why? Because, once, years ago, during a such an occasion I slipped on a pair of lounge shorts to answer the door and my mother-in-law got very offended that she could see the outline of my cock through the material.



Out of respect (a guest is a guest), I now put on jeans. Yet, I think she should return some respect by letting me know they will be coming by and asking if it's convenient. Oh, if only we could all get to a point where the naked male body is acceptable for viewing.


Have a great weekend, everybody!


Xersex said...

about spamming, this week I received a lot of mail of spamming. I think it is inevitable!!!

loved your post!

RockHard said...

I noticed that stuff. I hope none of our friends clicked. Well, looks like you can disregard at least part of my email. I'm not quite sure but, I think I'd prefer the in-laws I had over yours. No visit at all is better than unpleasant one. I grew up in the old south, before we even had a phone, and many of our relatives didn't. No one called. They just showed up. My poor mother. Many times she had just finished cleaning up the kitchen and had to do it all over again. Great post today.

A French Patrick said...

I received spam mails of the same person as being comments for which I asked for the follow-up from several other blog than your.
By a strange chronological coincidence each time my antivirus has had to destroy a trojan (trojan.semnager).

Can we really say "her blogs" as well as "their blogs"?

Be more tolerant with your mother-in-law: her (and not their) reaction was completely normal if it was the first time when she discovered the sex of a manor its silhouette.
Having said that, I admit that that would amaze me a lot, but after all she had made love maybe always in a total darkness.

I wish you a wondrous weekend, my dear friend, with a lot of bisous on your cock (and not only on its ouline)


Great post! Love all these hot men! Trust you have a great weekend.
Hugs, Patrick

SickoRicko said...

Love this guy's T-shirt! Yeah, I've a pair of loose shorts sitting by the door just for those unexpected drop-ins.

Jean Matthews said...

Amazing how everyone has the same sorts of problems! Have a good weekend all!

mistress maddie said...

I had the same problem you had for some time. The verification process I had on for some time did the trick. Meanwhile have a good weekend and glad you can be yourself again. If you answered the door in lounge shorts, and I saw an outline, you'd be lucky I wouldn't haul it out, wink! Hot picture today btw.

Xersex said...

probably you're right!

Fit Studs said...

Never used a blue rubber like that one...
And yes, SPAM is annoying as hell.

Anonymous said...

Love the dick in pic 1. Nice proportions and encouraging to us who aren't well-endowed. Reminds me of a high school friend of years ago.