Friday, October 23, 2015

Men and Masturbation

Here's the naked truth about men and masturbation.
And, the most popular and best selling sex toy is proof of that.



Originally called the FleshLight because it was disguised to look like a flashlight when not in use
As it has gained popularity, and jacking off has been finding more acceptability, it's been renamed the FleshJack.




It affords a sensation of penetrative sexual activity, especially when it's been wedged in way to afford absolute hands-free use.
Or coupled with the wall attachment.
Men will always engage in this activity. It affords them the physical release they need when they need it. Yet, why do we find it so much easier to engage in than women? As a friend who has her Master's Degree in Sexuality has said, "Men touch their genitals so many times a day - to shower, to urinate - that the extension of that to masturbation is a very natural transition."
Enjoy yourselves this weekend, folks.


AOM said...

Truth! I've got several FleshJacks - each one gives a different sensation - every guy should have one or five - it should be a gift from fathers to sons. I usually masturbate by hand because it is the most natural and convenient way for me, but toys are a great way to spice things up. My favorite FleshJack technique is exactly as you've shown in the pic with it stuck between the matresses. Hands-free so I can enjoy my anus and nipples at the same time. Thanks for the great info and inspiring pix, bro. Huggin' and FleshJackin' you! AOM

Xersex said...

nice pics!
happy weekend to you too!


I'll have the dark man in the last photo, please! Have a relaxing weekend, Patrick

A French Patrick said...
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RockHard said...

My ex had a cousin who divorced her husband because he masturbated. She also told me she didn't approve of me doing it. That didn't stop me. Didn't even slow me down. Masturbation is my earliest childhood memory. Kid brother and I shared a bed. Every night he told me to stop shaking the bed. He never seemed interested in asking what I was doing. That was long before I could ejaculate. I bloomed early. Our father never said a word about sex in any shape or form. I seemed to take to jacking off like a baby duck takes to water. Still going at it at 75. At least once a day. Feels too good to quit.

mistress maddie said...

I love jacking off, and last year the Lad bought me a Flesh jack for my birthday. I use it at least twice a week in my daily jacking off. He's was's a great sub for when his cute bubble butt isn't here.

SickoRicko said...

I love my FleshJack because my orgasms are so much more intense.

Xersex said...

about masturbation, I'm sure you'll love this post:

happy sunGAY!

Hot Studs said...

I still don't have that toy... Not a single one & I believe lots of dudes have a few. Gotta get at least one for myself. :)