Thursday, October 8, 2015

Natural Things

It occurred to me while reading a blog that society has filled guys with such embarrassment over their genitals. Many men suffer from a shy bladder (sometimes called "pee shy") defined as unable to piss if another guy can see our cock - sometimes even if another dude is in the room.
A large number of men are afraid to be seen naked as if the guys in the locker room or showers have never seen a cock before.
There's a website called Awkward Boners, as if a semi-hard-on or boner should be source of extreme embarrassment, or is disgusting.
At some point, we all find the pleasure in our cocks and of jacking off. Yet, being discovered enjoying ourselves engenders such immediate fear we scramble to hide the boner, we stutter and stammer as if the person walking in on us had never, ever done it.
We hide the end results, using tissue paper that shreds to bits as we clean up our cum, instead of a something simple that can be washed.
The problem with these things is that we further the misinformation, further the shame, further the embarrassment of natural things.
The relief we experience in pissing is universal.
Our cock and those balls are universal, they're supposed to be there. If they weren't we wouldn't be considered male.
An erect cock is universal, it's supposed to get hard. If it doesn't there's a problem which should be investigated by a doctor. The balls should be there, rising and lowering to regulate temperature for ultimate production of sperm.
The release, the absolute relief (both mental and physical), we experience upon ejaculating is universal.
After all, it's how the sperm is ejected from the body. If we can't cum, there's a problem which should be investigated by a doctor.
Are you "pee shy," or does it not bother you for another guy to be there?
Are you afraid to be seen naked, or do you embrace nudity?
Do you consider your boners "awkward," or do you find them natural and nothing to be ashamed of?
Do you fear someone discovering that you whack off, or are you open about it?
Do you hide the evidence of your sessions?
Embrace the you that is.


Xersex said...

love all the pics!

mistress maddie said... all the above.except peeing for some reason.

A French Patrick said...

I know even somebody who is incapable to piss if he is not both at his home and has no visitor. Impossible when he is at somebody other, when he is in a restaurant, at work, etc.
I sent you the clip.
Have agreat day, my dear friend, with a lot of bisous.

SickoRicko said...

The ass on the first guy is fabulous!

semper_veri said...

I didn't used to be comfortable being naked. Like a lot of guys, I grew up thinking the genital area was 'bad'. However, I came to realize it is what it is and I love it! I came out of my shell when I really needed a job and got one as an artist model. Ever since then I prefer to be naked as much as possible.

As far as boners and jerking off. To me it would depend on where I was as far as comfort level goes when sporting a boner. I can't say I would be embarrassed about it, just that while at work in an auto shop vs. shopping at wal-mart are two completely different things. Masturbation... If someone makes a comment about it or asks me if I do I'll say hell yes... sometimes I can't keep my hands off of me =)


AH! Great as always! I used to have great problems pissing if other guys were around! CHINA CURED ME! If I did not piss "in public" then I would have to hold it all day! Impossible! Since China, no problems! Great images! Have a great weekend, Patrick

AOM said...

Great post, brother! (as always) Nope. Not a problem with me being seen naked and hard or even if I'm walked in on while I'm wanking. All these things are normal and natural so why should any type of shame be associate with them. It is part of who we are. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, bro. Naked and Hard, Huggin' and Stroking you! AOM

Queer Heaven said...

Well....... as you know...I have totally no problem being naked anywhere or sexing of any type in fron tof anyone.

hot guy with abs said...

Oh myyy, quite a few sexy men in this post. I like it !! :)