Monday, October 19, 2015

Get a Grip

I watched the Amy Schumer special over the weekend and it solidified this statement: Women talk about their genitals. Men don't. Is this is why fathers have so much difficulty in discussing them their sons?
Women talk. If they're having an issue, they'll seek advice from a mother, sister, or girlfriend. They'll seek medical attention, if need be. After all, as Faithful Reader Jean commented, if women want contraceptives (the pill, an IUD) they have no choice.
Guys won't do this. We'll suffer in silence. We think, Maybe it'll go away or Maybe this is normal. We'll look for some remedy for sale online that could do more damage than good. If we dare to broach something with a buddy it would probably go something like this:
"Can I ask you something?"
"Absolutely. I'm here for you buddy."
"Are you sure? I mean, you're not gonna get all weirded out, or anything? Promise me you won't get all freaky on me."
"Bro, I'm telling you: I'm here for ya."
"So... Uh, you know, there's this...thing...going on with my dick - "
"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop right there! What the fuck, man..."
Instead of doing the right thing and taking a look to help if we can.
And that's just plain...well, sad. What are we so squeamish about? Guys, we dudes need to chillax about the subject of our packages. We really do. We need to man up, here. 
And the more we do, the easier it might be to shed the inhibitions instilled in us by our fathers, so that sons feel confident enough to ask questions. So they'll know "normal"


Or more importantly so they'll know when something isn't right.

 Get a grip, men. Talk. Share information.


Xersex said...

share informations is so right, but often dad is not the right person!


More great advice! Of course the images are always wonderful. Great cock on the guy in b/w photo! Thanks for your visits, Patrick

SickoRicko said...

Yes indeed! Great post!

A French Patrick said...

"Grip", in English, is pronounced as "Grippe" in French, but in French it is the English "flu".
Photo N°8, Alan Kinney, from BelAmi Online.
My father and my mother have never told me if only one word about sex and sexuality, Internet wasn't born, but my older brother had a collection of porn books exceptional for the time. Of which one I still have about fifty years after.
By the way, I sent you what you asked for.
I wish you a wondrous day, my heart, with a lot of bisou.

Jean WM said...

Now there is Google. So at least if you have a question, there's 10,000 folks who have already asked. Only there is a lot of misinformation too. But at least you can sift through it. You're right Pat, just don't ignore it.

This goes for questions about the opposite sex too. For women there's probably 10,000,000 who have asked. We just want to know, ha.

mistress maddie said...

No my dad never really talked to me about anything. My nephew and I discovered everything together basically. Well half nephew. Long story. But with good friends I learned everything. Never really understood the problem why no talking. I noticed gay men discuss dick more freely with each other. Have you noticed that or is that just me?

AOM said...

Preach it Brother! I considered a culture that makes this discussion difficult to be torturous. Why sufffer in silence. It is certainly an issue that needs to be corrected. Thanks for taking the lead and promoting healthy attitudes. Wishing you a JizzTastic day! Hugs and Strokes, AOM

whkattk said...

@ mistress - Yes, it's true. Gay men are much more open to discussing dick than straight men. With the straight dudes it's all because of the ridiculous fear of labels.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Yep. The internet has opened the doors to information, both correct and incorrect, and one must be able to sift through it all and get to the truth.

The genders have thousands of questions about one another. And sex tops the list.