Monday, October 12, 2015

Driving Naked

Well, I've heard many different monikers in my lifetime, but "ukulele" is a new one for me. And, apparently, it rather slipped by Dear Abby as a woman wrote in about her husband's love of being nude. She writes that he goes out the front door that way for a variety of reasons. And that the police have stopped and lectured him a number of times for "playing his ukulele"
Now, evidently, he's never received a ticket for driving and playing. And none of their neighbors have complained about his venturing out in plain sight. Abby responds that many people are nudists, but her husband may be an exhibitionist and the wife needs to be a bit more forceful in warning him he could be arrested if a neighbor is offended by him strolling down the street.
Well, the man is obviously not ashamed in any way, shape, or form; he thinks of his body as natural. Personally, I applaud him - and I applaud the cops who've stopped him while he's driving naked but not arrested him or given him a ticket, because it really is quite a common activity.




On long road trips I much prefer to go pants-less because it's more comfortable, particularly when the boner develops due to the constant vibrations of the road. It's an uncontrollable, physiological reaction; the normal functioning of the body. A car's stiff suspension causes a stiff cock.


And there have been plenty of times the continued stimulation causes that heavy, full sensation in the nuts and the urge to relieve it develops into a need. It's almost an unconscious thing when the hand finds the cock and begins to stroke.



 Playing with one hand while driving is fine. But, I suggest if you get too caught up in it, please be smart enough to pull over somewhere to finish the job



A French Patrick said...

The ukulele being a king of guitar used in Hawaii, i don't see the ommon characteristic.
Perhaps because her husband scratches his tool as if it was a guitar?
I wanked and I ejaculated once by driving my car, but I have never do again, it is dangerous.
I wish you a great day, mon ange, with a lot of bisous.

Xersex said...

fantastic post!
love last gif!


Trust you had a great weekend! Did you go for a long nude drive? Great post! I've sucked a guy while he was driving! The police recently arrested a guy for masturbating in his car parked opposite a boys' school here in the suburb where I'm living. Hugs, Patrick

A French Patrick said...

Postscript: At the time of the ejaculation I have had a very brief loss of consciousness during which I was unable to drive my vehicle and I have been on the edge of a disaster. LOL, to take car is an abbreviation for to take care.

mistress maddie said...

I've never driven naked, but I have driven with my pants down, or off completely a couple times....but then I can't keep my hands off my dick. Then it's time to find a rest stop.

Jean WM said...

Gee, Driving an SUV, I'm going to have to be more observant of my fellow drivers. Interesting so many Lexus drivers.

AOM said...

OH! What fun and feels so good. So freeeee! Wishing you a wonderful naked day playing with your ukulele as I will with mine! Love to do a duet with you, bro. : ) Hugs and Strokes, AOM

SickoRicko said...

I've driven naked only a few times, and jacked off only a couple of times. It is indeed dangerous to do while the car is in motion as when I'm close/cumming, control of the vehicle was not optimal.

Anonymous said...

El tío maduro de la foto 9, me recuerda en una ocasión haciendo auto stop, en mi época de estudiante. Yo tenia 20 años y la esperiencia de mantener relaciones con mi compañero de habitación. Aquel tipo supo cobrarme bien el trayecto en su coche. Pronto acercó su mano a mi muslo y acarició mi entrepierna, yo sonrei y separé los muslos, un error. A partir de ese momento me pidió que le abriera la bragueta y sacara su verga, era un buen cipote y lo tenia tieso como una estaca, me pidió que se lo chupara, cuando menos me lo esperé apretó con su mano mi cabeza para que lo tragara entero, tuve una fuerte arcada. Se rió y pidió que siguiera chupando, mantuvo su mano sujetando mi cabeza hasta descargarse dentro de mi boca. Varias horas después hizo un alto en el camino aprovechando un desvio y allí después de salir a orinar, me pidió que me quitara los pantalones, yo me negué pero al final consiguió que me los bajara. Sacó un tuvo de su bolsillo y me untó el ano, poco después me tenia penetrado. No es tu primera vez, preguntó, yo asentí y el empezó a follarme con fuerza, joder, como follaba aquel tío era la primera vez que alguién mantenia su rabo dentro de mí tanto tiempo. Me pellizcó, mordió y hasta me pegó unos buenos azotes, mientras aque fuerte cilindro entraba y salia bombeando con fuerza. Me tenia totalmente destrozado cuando sentí como se corria en mi interior, aquello fue un alivio. Su semen caliente y abundante me hidrataba y calmaba el escozor. Yo no me habia corrido pero cuando la sacó me sentí aliviado, algo que duró poco, minutos después me volvió y me tumbó en el asiento, alzó mis piernas, quitó mi pantalón y volvió a penetrarme, ahora bien dilatado y con la lefa saliendo aún de mi culo, me fue más facil recibir y disfrutar, tanto que alcancé el orgasmo mucho antes que él acabara de follarme, después secó su polla y la metió en mi boca para que se la escurriera y limpiara bien. A continuación seguimos viaje, sin ningún incidente más.

whkattk said...

Anon Translated:
Mature photo #9 reminds me once of hitchhiking in my student days. I was 20 years old and trying to maintain relationships with my roommate. This guy knew the way well to charge in your car. Soon he brought his hand to my thigh and rubbed my crotch, I smiled and parted thighs, a mistake. From that moment he asked me to open his fly and take out his cock, it was a good dick and stiff as a stake. I asked if I could suck. When I least expected it he pushed his hand to my head and made me swallow it whole. I gagged a bit and he laughed and told me to continue sucking. Holding my head he unloaded into my mouth. Several hours later made a stop along the way taking advantage of a detour to piss. After, he asked me to take off my pants, I refused but eventually got me down. He took a condom from his pocket. It's not your first time he asked, I nodded and he started to fuck me hardIt was the first time anyone kept his cock inside me so long. He pinched, bit and even spanked, while his strong cylinder entered and left, pumping vigorously. I had completely shattered when I felt like it was running inside me, that was a relief. It wass hot and plentiful and hydrated and soothed the sting. I had not cum. I came back to the car and lay down on the seat, raised my legs, took off my pants and turned to penetrate, now well-dilated and the cum out yet my ass, it was easier to receive and enjoy, so I reached orgasm long before he finished fucking me, then dried and put his cock in my mouth and cleaned it well. Then we continued on without further incident.