Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A New Sense

I find it interesting the way the generations switch between modesty and openness. One could go all the way back to the time of Caligula for changes in moral code - perhaps even further back in time than that. But I'll begin in the early 1900s which gave way to the Roaring '20s, which brought a more conservative bent, which led to the Beat generation, which led right into Flower Power and Free Love, which then brought us back to conservative attitudes, which is now giving way to the Internet generation which appears to be more accepting, not only of sexual orientation but of the body in general.
This is the generation that I pray will be open and honest with their sons and daughters and teach them what they need to know.
The hope is that the extreme religious right wing loses their battle for prudish and prim ultra-conservatism, and this new-found acceptance and freedom might stick with us.
Shed the fear. Open up. Talk. Experience the happiness and serenity that comes with acceptance of what you were born with. You'll discover a new sense of freedom..











A French Patrick said...

It is a very interesting subject. It is a pity we progress so slowly and for some of us not at all, the "same" story being obviously not the same from a country in the other one.
Thank you for your comment about the fact of speaking the same language or not when we make love. Fortunately, the language of the bodies is kind of an Esperanto.
This year the world champion of Scrabble in French-speaking category is an Australian which does not speak French. He learnt by heart more than forty thousand words in three months only, but without the pronunciation, neither the meaning, nor the grammar nor the syntax. The average French knows only 5,000 words, the eighth of the total, but 10% of the population knows less than 500 words.
I wish you a wondrous day, my darling chéri, with a lot of bisous.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Straight guy here again. Thanks again for the blog - my buddies and I love reading it.

My buddies and I have no hangups about nudity and the occasional boner -it happens, we're guys. We've enjoyed our manhood in the presence of each other, and now we implore buddy ball check day as well - we will check each other as an affirmation that it's okay to be a guy and be nude in front of each other. And who better to notice something different or wrong down there than another guy who is familiar with his own tool.

And I sincerely wish that my dad had taken the time to show me how my own tool works and had told me with his actions that it is okay to indulge in it. Hope to have that open relationship with my own son some day.

Xersex said...

nice set!!!


Thanks for your concerns! Feeling better this morning! Yes! Let's send the world in the correct direction! Patrick

SickoRicko said...

Love the B&W long-hair man!

mistress maddie said...

Yes, I agree, lets let the goods time roll again, with no limits or labels. Just go with what you feel. And sorry to make your eye wander in todays post.....it has a mind of it's own.

whkattk said...

@ Jason - Thank you for your comments - It means a lot to have straight men contribute here. I think it's terrific that you and your buds even do the monthly ball check for one another; that's being a caring friend for sure!

whkattk said...

@ MFP - I have learned a few minor words in Spanish and, thanks to you, a couple of French words. But, what good is learning a word and how it is spelled if one doesn't know the meaning or usage? Bisou!

AOM said...

It does seem to be a cultural pendulum - not sure why - I do think we are swinging back into a healthier direction. Accepting and seeing the body as good is the way forward - we've seen the dysfunction created by viewing the body as somehow intrinsically evil - sinful - that way of thinking is what has caused the problems. The more I see and hear, the better I feel about the future in this regard. Thanks to you for continuing to promote these healthy attitudes. Wishing you a delicioud jizztastic day, bro. Huggin' and Strokin' you in Spirit. AOM

that one guy said...

I don't know. I go to the gym regularly and the young men (30 and under) are MUCH more likely to try to keep themselves covered: showering with trunks on, wrapping a towel around the waist before taking the shorts on and keeping the towel on to put on their underwear. The older men (40+) are more likely to "let it all hang out" and not care who sees what they've got.

I've never seen a full-on erection (in this locker room anyway), but there's a fair amount of cocks changing sizes due to hot water, soap, release from underwear, etc. It's fun to watch :)

(That said, these are not intimate relationships I'm talking about, just the way men behave in a locker room.)