Friday, October 2, 2015

Boners v Priapism

Do not confuse an insistent boner with Priapism. Yes, Priapism is a condition wherein an erection which will not go down even after ejaculation and requires medical attention.
Seriously, with Priapism, the trapped blood turns to sludge, Without a fresh supply of blood oxygen the tissues of the cock die. And a man should seek medical attention as soon as possible to have the blood drained, either by syringe
 or by a port drain
An insistent boner will still wax and wane, like a normal erection, yet it keeps throbbing and twitching and can get painful after a while. Take the next session and use it for what is called Mindful Masturbation.

Really pay attention to the sensations in the cock, the way it will get real hard and then soften just a bit. This is the body circulating the blood in the Cavernosae; it draws a small amount out of the shaft, but not enough for a noticeable reduction in the hardness.

 Then it fills up again. 
 The closer you get to spewing, the harder your cock will become.
When you reach the "point of no return," the Cremaster Muscles surrounding your nuts will contract, pulling your balls up, your cock will become extremely hard, and the first contraction grabs hold ejecting a shot of cum.


The orgasm subsides, the boner wilts, and the balls drop back down
Have a terrific weekend - Do some Mindful jacking off. Take your time, enjoy the trip. Because while the end result is wonderful beyond words,
The getting there is the real pleasure.




Today is my birthday... And I'll surely be spending it as described above.
Have a great weekend, folks.


Xersex said...

happy birthday beloved!
how many years?

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful and fulfilling birthday. Thanks for all of the great posts.

A French Patrick said...

My yesterday's comment prove that I was one of those who confuse an insistent boner with priapism. Thank you very much, my dear Pat, for providing me these clarifications wich dispelle the mists of my ignorance. At least, on this point.
I wish you once more a happy birthday,I wish you the best health possible, and also to keep your youth of spirit and of heart. I do know how fortunate I am to have a friend such as you. I hope that your wife will bring you the same pleasures as last year.
Have a wondrous weekend, my love, with as much bisous as you can receive them.

SickoRicko said...

I hope your birthday was filled with spewed cum!

RockHard said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It would be my pleasure to join your celebration. You may think a mid-70s man wouldn't be much fun. Au contraire mon frere. Give me about an hour and I'm ready to shoot again, and again. Name's not wishful thinking. Doc says it's my still-hairy legs. Good blood flow.

that one guy said...

Fun factoid: the Cremaster muscles pull the balls up; the Dartos muscles pull the ball SACK up, i.e. they create that wrinkly "walnut" look. I don't remember everything from my anatomy classes, but I remember that one :-)

mistress maddie said...

Speaking of Birthdays, I hope you had a wonderful one and had your candle blown out!!!! Interesting subject, have never heard of it, except for when guys have taken Viagra you don't really need to. That gif A really got to me tonight.......

hot guy of the day said...

I quite liked that!! So many hot pics, OMG... Hot damn. :D

whkattk said...

@ Xersex - I am now an old man of 63...

whkattk said...

@ mistress - You rae right. And I believe that the most common cause now for emergency room visits due to erections is from guys taking boner pills when they don't need them.

whkattk said...

@ that one guy - I didn't know that. I must remember that for a post. Thank you!