Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pay to Pee

Men can piss anywhere. We don't need anything special - hell, we don't need anything at all. Really anywhere will do.
Ever since I took a road trip to Hearst Castle and stopped on the way there in a little town for lunch, I've been fascinated by the things people come up with to be used as urinals. It was the second time in my life I'd walked into a men's room to find that one simply stood and pissed on a wall. The floor had a slight slope to a floor drain.

The first was during my military days and a drive-in movie theater (anybody remember those?). Again, a large room, where you stepped in and pissed directly on the floor,

 Not even a step-up platform like this
But I was too, young, horny, and eager to get back to the car and the blow job I knew was waiting for me to give it more than a passing thought. So, odd or interesting urinals rather ... interest me. Then, a recent article about the change in Paris from the old public restrooms
 And street booths
to new luxury ones

caught my eye.
(Huge thanks to Your French Patrick for finding the Paris photos for me. Bisous, mon ami!)

Here in the States, I remember years and years ago having to pay to use a public toilet. You put your coin into a mechanism, twisted it and the door would unlock. When the price climbed to $0.25, people went into a tizzy and not long after pay toilets began to disappear. Mostly you'd find the old porcelain trough- or floor-type

Now, we've got sleek, waterless ones
As the new Public Toilets in France, where one must pay up to $1.75 to relieve oneself, take hold, I wonder if the idea of again having to pay to piss will spread to other countries. Or, have I missed something, is this already standard in other countries?
I personally - as a man - cannot think of any reason to pay someone for a place to pee. Anyway, here are some unusual, or imaginative creations.


C (Yes, it really is the urinal)
















If you run across something unusual and would like to help me finish the alphabet, send the photo my way. whkattk at gmail dot com.


mistress maddie said...

I love that bathrooms have become cleaner looking. I can't stand those open room floor drain rooms. They look very dirty and germy. I have also seen guys peeing like in picture 16. A guy at work does this also. What is the purpose of dropping pants like that? I'd be afraid if the next guy with splashing ability, and my pants getting floor germs on them. Also more work. I like to just pull my junk out and pee, or flip it around and tantalize a wonder in eye.

A French Patrick said...

$0.25 would have been a very very good price if it was "Piss and Love" (That reminds to me something) instead of "Piss and Buzz Off".
I wish you a wondrous day, my love, with a rain (and not piss) of bisous.

Xersex said...

very creative urinals!

SickoRicko said...

Lots of imagination here!

Jean WM said...

Always an eyefull and eeeewww! I'd pay €10 if I could avoid some of these. Jean

AOM said...

Definitely don't want to pay to piss - my favorite way to piss is outside - just pissin' in the great outdoors - free and easy. : ) Wishing you a wonderful day, bro. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

whkattk said...

@ mistress - I too have often wondered about the reasoning behind dropping ones drawers to take a leak... Outside of taking advantage of allowing the sweaty crotch to dry out, I can't really think of any other reason.

LOL. Splashing can be a problem, can't it? I remember signs in men's rooms at the Y and public pools: "Please stand closer. The guy next to you might have bare feet." For real!

Hot Studs said...

I could use a man from the military right about now...
Any soldiers willing to cum to me? :)

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful, I am fascinated with different types of urinals and get sort of turned on by finding ones that seem to be nothing more than the floor. thanks for this

whkattk said...

@ anon - Same here, for some odd reason...