Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Checking the Man Parts

And, since we're on the subject of checking the man parts, a few weeks ago Jean also sent this article about Prostate Exams.
Guys, I know it can be uncomfortable - some would just call it embarrassing - to have a doctor shoving his fingers up your ass, especially if he doesn't know what he's doing (not enough KY) or he's rough about it. And, the rules about screening are changing. But, at minimum, by the time you're in your 40's you should've had a Baseline exam; both PSA blood work and the DRE. Then every 5 years the exam should be repeated.

However, if there is a family history of Prostate Cancer (like there is for me - both my father and brother) both tests should begin earlier and be done on a more regular basis. Always talk to your physician when going in for the annual physical.

Wait. You do schedule one each year, don't you?


You need to take care of yourselves, guys. Particularly if you expect your cock to be operating at optimum levels. If there's an issue - any issue - tell your doctor.
Having trouble taking a whizz? Tell him.
Trouble getting a full-on boner?
Or maintaining one even with the help of a cock ring? Tell him.
There's no need to be embarrassed if he decides to check it out right there.

It's better to resolve any problems sooner rather than later, and have your cock fully functional.
My wife has given me fair warning that she's taking tomorrow and Friday off from work, waking my ass up early,
and hauling me out for some Christmas shopping. As a result, I won't be stopping by to leave comments on blogs. Sorry, folks, but when the boss gives orders, we obey. I've already done a post for tomorrow, and tossed together an Eye Candy for you for Friday.


A French Patrick said...

LOL, you are not that a badboy, after all, if you obey your poor saint wife.

As regards the prostate I have an annual blood test (PSA test). I also have every year offer of free analyses to detect a possible cancer. But I ignored that a physical prostate check was possible. Obviously, it is more photogenic than a test tube.

Exceptionally, an American movie, Star Wars 7, screens in France two days earlier than in the USA. Usually it is the opposite, and for a a much longer time. An amazing number of Americans have flown to Paris, only for seeing it two days earlier. I should have to make up my mind, I have reasons much more valid, in my opinion, for making the journey.

I wish you a happy Christmas shopping and wondrous days, by sending you and your wife my best bisous.


Great information with wonderful photos to match! Enjoy your shopping! Shall miss your comments as I get so few! Hugs, Patrick

mistress maddie said...

The last two times I was at the doctors, I got erections. But because my doctor is very handsome. Its embarrassing because I don't know he's the reason.

SickoRicko said...

Great post and great pix!

Jean WM said...

Me too shopping! Keep that economy going! Also, Star Wars getting top reviews here. The kind of movie you want to see on a big screen. (After the dust has settled!). Happy weekend.

P.s. To M. Maddie - one nice thing about being female, if you have a handsome Dr. He never knows ;-)
Ps. To Lord Patrick - I will leave a comment.

whkattk said...

@ mistress - hey, who cares what the reason is. One thing is for sure - it's proof for your doctor that your cock is working just fine!