Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Embracing the Erotic : Tantic Practices (Yoga)

Well, I never! The internet went down just as I was about to begin today's post. Now that we're back up, here we go...
From Wikipeadia: "According to Anthony Tribe, a scholar of Buddhist Tantra, Tantra has the following defining features:[19]
  1. Centrality of ritual, especially the worship of deities
  2. Centrality of mantras
  3. Visualisation of and identification with a deity
  4. Need for initiation, esotericism and secrecy
  5. Importance of a teacher (guru, ācārya)
  6. Ritual use of mandalas (maṇḍala)
  7. Transgressive or antinomian acts
  8. Revaluation of the body
  9. Revaluation of the status and role of women
  10. Analogical thinking (including microcosmic or macrocosmic correlation)
  11. Revaluation of negative mental states"

The one we concentrate on in Tantric Yoga, Massage, and Masturbation is Number 9 - Revaluation of the body. Here in western countries, according to the isha sadghuru, tantra has actually been hi-jacked and presented in such a way that it is supposed to mean uninhibited sex.
I disagree with their assessment. We actually specifically accentuate only a sense of the erotic.
The idea is not to reach orgasm - though it is not uncommon nor rejected or thought of in a negative way - the idea is to focus our thoughts and energies to the erogenous zones of the body; to wake them.
Today, we'll begin with Tantric Yoga. Many, if not all, Naked Yoga class websites have a FAQ wherein they address the fear factor many men have: What if I get an erection?
Well, it happens. Nobody cares; shrug it off and continue with the postures.
But in Tantric Yoga an erection (clitoris or penis) is not only welcome, it is sought after. It's proof of the goal: To focus the mind and energy, and wake those areas, become fully aware of them, and open them to possibility.

When we become aware of the eroticism within ourselves, we learn to accept it, and then (hopefully) ultimately embrace it. If we can embrace the erotic within ourselves, we are more apt to enjoy and share it with our partners.



After some warm-up, and individual postures, many Tantric Yoga postures are done with a fellow student.



Group poses will wind things down.

If you do a Google search, you should be able to easily find Naked Yoga classes being taught somewhere near you. If you then search for Tantric Yoga and don't get results, ask any of the Yogis teaching Naked Yoga if they also teach Tantric, or if they might be willing to form a class. Barring any results, you can always opt for at-home dvd instruction.



As ever great information with wonderful images! Hugs and thanks, Patrick

mistress maddie said...

I never could get into yoga, I have no idea why. For me the height of relaxation in very good massages. That's my vice. I get a good one once a season. And that picture of Zeb Atlas......that's not a man, that's a God!

Jean WM said...

Another grim day for shootings - I can't wait to see (if ever) when there will be a tipping point and the assault-weapon gun lobby has had their fill. Maybe when no one is left.

Mark Greene said...

This is Quite an interesting post. The concept of nude tantric yoga looks quite appealing to me. However I, honestly, am more interested in the erotic exploration than adopting a different doctrine than the one I have.

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Xersex said...

very interesting!!!!

mind that

Fullmoonma said...

1. My tantra teacher would support uninhibited sex, I think, in the sense that during sex, we should shed our inhibitions and preconceptions and follow the flow of energy that is happening in the moment to higher states of erotic charge. As example: an hour into a tantric session some years ago I was asked what I wanted next, and I replied that I wanted to be fucked for the next 2 hours. It was amazing, connected with cock and gaze and breath!

2. I've been exploring individual tantric yoga practice for a long time. You can search on my blog for "yoga". For example:, or

3. Keep up the good work! (Good work is keeping it up!)

AOM said...

Marvelous information. Thanks for your wonderful introduction. I wish we had something like this in my area. The exploring the energy is a most important element. Wishing you a wonderful day, bro. Hugging and Stroking you in Spirit! AOM

SickoRicko said...

Very interesting post!

whkattk said...

@ Jean - yes, another awful day! More attention was paid to the San Bernardino one than the situation in Pasadena. Some day it will cease - or at least slow down - if our cowardly politicians would grow some backbone.

whkattk said...

@ Mark - Fully exploring the erotic is what I concentrate on; finding or following new doctrines doesn't interest me a bit.

Studs said...

Very educational, for those who are willing to get into it. :)
Bet it's a lot of pleasure as well!!