Monday, December 7, 2015

The Tantric Series

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What a fantastic response to the Tantric series of posts. I'm amazed, yet grateful! Cheers!
Embracing the Erotic through Tantric Practices of Yoga,
and Masturbation,
not only awakens our minds and bodies to the sensuous, it helps us in our everyday lives. If you find the opportunities, take them. You'll discover a whole new sense of confidence in yourself. That confidence translates to being happier. Happier people have a tendency to find even more joy in everyday life; in their work, their hobbies, and relationships.
And, I dare say that confidence will enable you to be proud of what nature provided, you may be less inclined to minimize the bulge,
or hide the boner.
A lot of men may dismiss jacking off with other dudes, but being with a couple of buddies,
or in a group of guys 
is a perfect setting for learning and teaching the art of Tantric Masturbation.
It can become more than just "jacking off" or "pounding one out." And, it should be.
Yes, there are times when the urge - the need - strikes and the only resolution is to pop that boner free and stroke furiously to blow the built-up load. All men have experienced that.
But, taking one's time, enjoying the journey, discovering more and heightened pleasure of our bodies, makes us better people, making for a better overall life.


A French Patrick said...

I find here elements of a study that I found under the title "Ejaculation Vs. Orgasm, What’s The Difference?" @
The most interesting can be obtained by following the links.
If I had to summarize, and as you ask for so kindly, I would say:
Orgasms and ejaculation are not the same thing, and we can have one or the other or both of them.
Orgasms happen in the brain, ejaculation happens in the prostate and urethra, and they are two different things that usually (but not always) happen nearly together. In reality, it isn’t that simple because orgasms also involve the PNS (Peripheral Nervous System, the part of the nervous system that consists of the nerves and ganglia outside of the brain and spinal cord) and involuntary contractions of the anal sphincters and other muscles, in the groin and elsewhere, but the simple version captures the main idea. In brains scans, an orgasm looks remarkably like an epileptic fit, an electrical storm that sweeps over the brain. It actually begins at “the point of no return,” followed one to three seconds later by the onset of ejaculation. The key point is that you can have either one without the other. Men who have experienced anorgasmic ejaculation (without sexual arousal or orgasm) say it’s not at all pleasurable. Men who experience orgasm without ejaculation are divided. Some (mostly younger ones) say that a non-ejaculatory orgasm is somewhat less pleasurable or intense. Others (mostly older men) say they’re equally enjoyable. Still, it’s pretty clear that most of the pleasure comes from the orgasm itself. The other important point is that there is no loss of erection if you have an orgasm but don’t ejaculate. It’s the ejaculation, not the orgasm, that dumps the hormones into your bloodstream that cause detumescence. So being able to orgasm without ejaculation increases a man’s stamina and allows him to have many more orgasms.
To be followed (this box is limited to 4,096 characters).

A French Patrick said...

Part two:

Kinds of orgasms:
Simple orgasm:
A single “peak,” typically including 5-10 pelvic spasms in twenty seconds or less; generally perceived as being located in the genital area.
Dry orgasm: A male orgasm (of any of these types) without ejaculation; dry orgasms can happen naturally, but are often the result of a man deliberately avoiding ejaculation.
A less-intense orgasm, often one of a series, experienced as part of the build-up to a stronger orgasm, especially when practicing extended arousal and delayed orgasm; in men, foreshocks are dry orgasms, and are usually the result of intentionally blocking ejaculation.
A less-intense orgasm experienced after a major orgasm, often part of a diminishing series separated by no more than 30 seconds; in men, these are often natural dry orgasms after ejaculation and may occur in spite of the partial softening of the erection.
Multiple orgasms:
Two or more orgasms in a row, with definite intervals between them; each interval is usually at least 30 seconds and often several minutes, and the level of arousal dips between orgasms, but without ever dropping below the level of “moderately aroused.”
Extended orgasm: Like a string of simple orgasms with very brief intervals between them and no drop in level of arousal; once started, these can just keep going … and going … and going!
Pelvic (or two-chakra) orgasm:
An orgasm of any of the above types that is more powerful than normal and feels like it is coming from a wider area, including (at least) the whole pelvic area.
Three- or four-chakra orgasm: Like a pelvic orgasm, but perceived as even more powerful and as coming from an area extending from the genitals to the abdomen (three chakra) or the chest (four chakra).
Full-body orgasm:
Like a pelvic orgasm, but perceived as still more powerful and as involving the whole body, or at least the whole torso and head.
Multi-chakra orgasm:
Any of the previous three types; any powerful orgasm that seems to originate from an area that includes more than just the genitals.
Blended orgasm: Any orgasm that results from stimulation of more than one type or more than one region.
The link between these "chakra" and the practice of the Tantrism is obvious.

I wish you a lot of the hightest of these orgasms, my darling, with a lot of bisous


Great as always! Hot selection! Hugs and thanks, Patrick :-)

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I am not short supplied in the cock department and have no problem as you may have seen showing bulge! Great motivating post my friend.

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Yo my brother. Wonderful post! You always imspire and teach. Thank you so much for all you do for us. I hope you are well and having bonerific fun! Hugs and Strokes, AOM

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Another great, hot post!

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