Thursday, December 10, 2015

Improve Your Game

As fellow blogger (More of the Same) and friend, Lord Patrick, suggests fathers or older brothers and friends should be teaching the younger guys what and how to do things. Yet, fathers are extremely remiss.
And when it comes to older brothers -
which is actually quite common
I think perhaps, horny as they are at that age, they aren't thinking of anything but getting the rocks off.
Guys hanging out and comparing is helpful. They will eventually move past the typical games of who can cum first, who can shoot the farthest, or the most.


When we find someone we wish to spend our life with, the best thing we can do is know what we like, and can recognize the approach of an ejaculation in order to stave it off. Most young partners/husbands are forced to hide their masturbation - or at least feel as if they need to. Many young wives experience jealousy - even of our hands.
But as many sex therapists suggest, the best thing we can do is demonstrate what feels good. Communication is key. Show and Tell for couples early on in a relationship can make for much more satisfying sex.

So, guys, if you want to improve your game, find a buddy or a group and learn from one another.







AOM said...

Masturbation presents us with many benefits - exploring and learning and evolving as sexual beings through masturbation is critical as you have so eloquently written about here and in many of your other posts. I really appreciate how you minister to all of us. Wishing you a bonerfic day, my brother! Huggin' and Strokin' you! AOM

A French Patrick said...

My son and my two grandsons are geeks. But their online games have no connection with the sexual things that they probably search at other times online as everybody.
You are right, as when we learn music, the young males in heat need a caring influence to guide them on the start for practising their scales and for mastering their tools. At least the rudiments of this highly technical game.


What can I say? Thank for the reference! Wonderful images once more to accompany your great information. One day we'll get there! or Will we? Hugs, Patrick

Queer Heaven said...

I don't know why, but the past couple of days I was unable to leave a comment. But I assure you I read your post every day.

Jean WM said...

All the pollsters are busy right now with Trump but I bet if it was asked of young men, they would prefer just an anonymous place on line to study the art or read an on-line forum.

Fathers don't want to have the conversation (their knowlege is sketchy) and boys don't want to listen to fathers about sex (they probably think their fathers gave it up long ago.). Moms are the LAST person on earth they want to discuss sex with. Good thing because we know even less about males. So Pat, they will find your blog if lucky.

I can't wait for the king-sized pillow from Santa that is certain to be a conversation ice-breaker. French Patrick, please tell Santa Trump needs one too! Satin & velvet would be good too. Thanks!

mistress maddie said...

No need to tell me twice. The more the merrier.

Xersex said...

Lord Patrick keeps such a wonderful blog and I try to comment every post as I try to do here! both of you make are among my blog family!

A French Patrick said...

@ Jean WM
You are my concern, not Santa Trump (and even less the other members of the Trump's family).
My today's kisses, in the wait of the mistletoe.

SickoRicko said...

Another great post!