Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bravo! Docs. Bravo!

Whether fully intact

or cut

Our cocks truly are the base essence of us men. Ask any guy if he could handle losing his nuts and he'd tell you it might be tough at first, but eventually he could live with it - especially if he could get replacement implants.

But ask him what his reaction would be if he woke in the hospital and no longer had a cock. Such is the case for many of the injured men returning from this 14-year war in the Middle East. The medics in the field, and doctors at Walter Reed (where many go to finish recovery stateside), will tell you: When the guys wake up to a groin injury the first question they have is, "Do I still have a dick?" And, the overwhelming response if the medic or doctor expresses regrets has been: "Let me die." And, many of those men will recover from the physical wounds only to be released from medical care, go home, and commit suicide. They cannot accept a life without that which named them Male.

Well, Faithful Reader Jean has sent the following article that now gives hope to those soldiers:

Many thanks to Jean for bringing this to my attention. And a huge
to the three doctors who understood that a man does not, and never will, feel whole without his cock - even if it doesn't sexually function. These physicians worked tirelessly to make this possible.


Xersex said...

sure they're bravi!!!

RockHard said...

My left testicle is an implant. Wife couldn't understand why I wanted it. I told her a woman wants two breasts. A man wants two balls. Simple as that. Besides, I had a rather nice bulge. I didn't want to lose it. As far as the cock goes, I can understand a man saying he wants to die. Wife and I have not had sex in years. But I can tell you my cock gets a daily workout. Often more than once a day. I could keep a harem happy. How a man could desire to lose his cock and become a woman is something beyond my comprehension. I love mine.

A French Patrick said...

I had a both colleague and friend who had to undergo an ablation of testicles. He was living as a couple with a man since 10 years, and that did not prevent them from remaining as a couple. I am sure that if it were an ablation of the phallus, and although my friend was the active element of the couple, they would have remained together even if that would have implied that they must invert their roles.
That is nothing more an nothing less than love, but las, that is subordinated to the fact of having this love.
Lovies, darling, bisous included.


Great news for these guys! Wonderful photos as always! Trust you are in reasonably good health at present. Thanks for your visits and comments, Patrick

SickoRicko said...

Excellent article and terrific post with fabulous pix!

Jean WM said...

It's never mentioned when talking about returning Vets and their injuries. Since you guys have opened my eyes, I have a better understanding. Many doctors are donating their skills, but amazingly some insurers don't see this type of care a priority since not life threatening.

Mark Greene said...

Yes I love my penis! I don't know what i would do without it. Not just because I love sex, but it is an extension of who i am as a man. although there is more to a person's manhood than his penis I do enjoy having something to play with.

BTW I love the first pic. I just love to see a guy enjoying himself. great post.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Sadly, insurers deny coverage of something so positively basic as that; the condition is life threatening if a man cannot accept living in such a way. Even worse: Some insurers will deny coverage for a man to be treated for Breast Cancer; an illness which is life threatening.

Anonymous said...

This is the most educational post you've done yet. If I were a young stud again and tragically died, my dick is the FIRST thing I'd want to keep on "truckin."

whkattk said...

@ Anon - Thanks, buddy. I hope you've filled out a donor card. Like the article states, it would not be done without the approval of the immediate family. Perhaps, a note to carry in a wallet, or FULL instructions in the Legal mumbo-jumbo stating that if your cock can be donated to a guy in need that it should be done with your blessings. Ahhh...a good idea for a post!