Monday, December 14, 2015

Piss Etiquette

Faithful Reader Jean finds and shares the best articles! Comes a new one about Men's Room Etiquette, a subject which seems to crop up every few years - perhaps to educate the younger guys just beginning to venture forth into the world.

Women would find us men strange in this habit, wouldn't they? The minute we enter a restroom, we search for the proper urinal. If two men walk in to discover two urinals and two stalls, and the first guy ponies up to a urinal the other will go to a stall. At a long bank of them, we always ensure at least one urinal stays between us.
And, yet, if we're outside, it doesn't appear to be an issue; we don't seem to need to hide.




I had the issue of being piss shy until my military days. Having to sleep in a room with 39 other men, to see bouncing boners running to the latrine first thing in the morning...the urinals, the stalls, and the gang shower all got used to take the morning piss. I always went for a stall, until one day they were all in use and I had no choice; the shower it was.
In a separate article Jean sent along, comes the question of providing Uni's (as depicted for the years of the Ally McBeal television show): so-called "Genderless" Restrooms. I have no problem with them - we've got a few like that already in our city. But I do so wish they'd install a bank of urinals instead of all stalls for two reasons.

One, to save water - commodes waste too much, especially with the auto-flush valves. Two, some men can be real pigs (sorry, but it's true), and I hate going to use a toilet and piss everywhere.


So, what's your take on the situations, guys?
Men's Room Etiquette: Ridiculous, or proper manners?
Will you take a whizz in view of another guy?
Genderless: Yes or no?


Xersex said...

some pics are so sexy!!!

I don't need any pisstiquette, because at my job I've an almost personal pivate toilet...

miracleman said...

I was pee shy when I was younger, but eventually I got over it. Now I can pee anywhere anytime. Before my surgery I had a hard time and it was at times painful. Now, I pee all the time and it's like a faucet: I turn it off and on easily. This past year has been all about the piss. MM


Until I did a tour of China, I always made for the stall, as I found it almost impossible to piss with other men around. China cured that, you either pissed where and when you could or hold it ALL DAY! And there were always lots of other men so one could not put any distance between. OH! It was ALWAYS a trough. Hugs, Patrick :-)

A French Patrick said...

Blogger has refused my message. They asked me to click on the the button "previous page" but this button is deactivated. Therefore I rewritte it. I know that we should copy our messages before sending them, but...

As long as I can piss in peace...
And as you speak about peace, I am going to share with you a joke which I sent to our friend Artistry Of Male. I hope that my translation doesn't betray it too much:
Three terrorists burst into a wagon with a cowl on their head and a kalashnikov in hand. At the bottom of the wagon, a guy gets up and shouts: "Don't mess, guys! You scared me, I have believed that it was the controller!"
The story does'nt say if he has pssed his pants by fear of the controller.

I wish you a wondrous day, my darling, with a lot of lovies, frenchings included, perforce.

SickoRicko said...

Not pee shy here.

mistress maddie said...

Nothing bothers me, except for, 1- if the restroom is messy and 2- the one who go in, grunt and let an atomic bomb explode. Talk about an evacuation right fast.

AOM said...

Whatever is available, I have not problem other than if the guy next to me turns towards while pissing - that can get pretty wet. LOL Another interesting article, bro. Wishing you a great day! Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Queer Heaven said...

Like you I was piss shy until I was in the Army. It is sort of odd because I never was shy abiut beign naked as a teen, And now? I will wip out Da Dcik and piss anywhere.