Monday, December 28, 2015

A Win - Win!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a weekend filled with fun and laughter. It was a bit fret-filled at first, but settled down soon enough and we were able to have a decent day. The rapid change in weather (again) made it difficult for me to get around. Changes in Barometric Pressure, extreme cold, and extreme heat play havoc with me. I try to hunker down in the house. 
The worst of it this time: Cramps of the anchoring cock muscles. "What new fuckery is this?!" I said aloud as I grabbed my cock.
Though they briefly mentioned ED would be an issue, I know this is a part of the disease which never really gets talked about. This will definitely be a question for the neurologist at my next visit.
Then, yesterday, my balls started to ache.
As the day wore on, the worse it got. Then my cock began leaking pre-cum...
and I trundled off to the bedroom to ease things. Thank goodness I have a wife who understands all the issues. I may not be able to get hard enough for sex, but I can still jack off.






 Bonus: Cumming also eases the symptoms of the M.D.
I call that a Win - Win!


A French Patrick said...

As for me, I took advantage of what was a win-win opportunity: the exchange of my friendship against yours.

I wish you a wondrous day exempt from any pain, my dear love, with a lot of bisous on the places where it is necessary so as to assist in the completion of the first aid provided by your precious wife.


Do take good care of yourself, my friend! Rest up as much as you need to. We need you!!! Great images as always. Lots of hugs and positive vibes, Patrick

SickoRicko said...

Hot post! I sure wish you didn't have to go through all this! I'm glad your wife is very understanding!

Jean WM said...

It's these confusing days between Christmas and New Years when you can't figure out what day it is. Throw in crazy weather.....cold today, hot again tomorrow (75). No wonder. Best to lay low.

Xersex said...

love your winwin option!!!

some pics are cumtastic!

AOM said...

Wonderful selection as usual! Sorry to hear you had issues but glad you worked things out. I'm always here with a helping hand, bro. I hope you feel better soon. Wishing you a bonerfic day! Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Queer Heaven said...

I think it is so wonderful that you are always so open about your situation.
I am sure it helps you to talk about it, but also is lesson for others to take to heart.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>keep Cumming!