Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tantric Practices (Massage)

As in Tantric Yoga, Tantric Massage seeks the same goal: Heightened, focused erotic energy, but special attention is brought to bear with direct stimulation to the genitals; the erection is sought and maintained.
Body Electric is similar, though the idea with this is to learn to have orgasm without ejaculation. And some Tantric Massage classes will follow this. But, as with more than a few men at the seminar, if ejaculation happens it's not frowned upon, nor thought to be a negative.
Tantric Massage - as I learned it - begins with the receiver lying on his (or her) stomach. A firm but light touch is used and we begin at the small of the back, move to the shoulders, the neck, then down one of the arms to the hand and fingers. Special attention is given to the pressure point on the palm just below the middle finger, which corresponds to the penis. This should begin the erection process. Moving back up the arm, across the shoulders, a brief stop at the neck, and repeat the process with the other arm.
As the massage continues, we move down to the small of the back, to the buttocks, and down one leg to the foot and toes. Again there is a pressure point on the bottom of the foot that will revive (or increase) the erection process. Back up the leg, paying special attention now to the inside of the thigh, the perineum, and moving back to the butt. Then repeat on the opposite leg.


Help the person turn over,


and then begin at the lower abdomen, right at the base of the shaft. Move upward along the torso, to the pecs, then to the shoulders and neck. Continue along the cheeks to the head. Rub small circles at the temples, move across the brow, down the bridge of the nose, back along the cheek and jaw line. Work your way down one arm. This time, stay at the pressure point a bit longer, move back up the arm and down the torso to the abdomen at the base of the shaft.

If your partner has a full erection, run your hands under it to move to the opposite side.
Move back up the torso to the other arm. Hit that pressure point. Back up the arm and down the torso and again to the abs. Massaging down the leg, do the inside of the thigh. This time, use the knuckles to gently knead the perineum. (Though we may not realize it, we men carry our tension in two places: The shoulders/neck area and the perineum.) Continue down the leg to the foot - don't forget the pressure point. Back up, spending time at the perineum. Repeat on the other side.


Now, in long, gentle strokes, using both hands, begin at the genitals and stroke away from them. Up the torso and down the arms. Then return the energy by reversing the direction. Do the same thing from the genitals down the legs and back to the genitals.
Having pulled the erotic energy, concentrated it back in to the groin, lay your hands alongside the cock and gently stroke up to the head, back down across the balls to the perineum. Repeat this process 5 to 10 times.
Then take the shaft in both hands and use your thumbs to gently rub the underside of the shaft, just under the head. Use your fingers to stimulate the head.


Now that the erotic energy is peaking, wrapping a hand around the cock at the base, using slow full strokes, move all the way up and down the shaft. Use your other hand to massage the balls. Increase the speed of the stroking - but not too fast.

In my opinion, the point of massage is to release the tension at the finish. So, the idea as far as I'm concerned - especially with Tantric - is to ejaculate. Cum and cum hard.
As each spasm gathers use an upward stroke along the shaft to help the spurt move through and out the cock.
Continue to slowly and gently stroke the cock and massage the balls
Only once the ejaculation has fully subsided may you cease stroking. Yet, you should never simply abandon the recipient's cock. Gently lay it on his abs and cover it with your hands, cupping it in warmth and safety, slight and gentle movement is okay - just remember the head will be extremely sensitive, so treat it with care. After several minutes, you can retrieve a warm, wet hand towel and gently clean him.
Then you will cover him with a sheet
and then move away. Allow him to relax for a short while, then help him to sit. Perhaps hand him a bottle of water (always a good idea after a massage). Ask if he needs assistance standing to dress...if so, help steady him until he has his balance.

This has been a long post (and late), but I hope it was worth it. Find a massage partner to swap with every month or so. It will do you a world of good - mentally and physically.


A French Patrick said...

You can guess why I am very busy today (I would need a massage, tantric or not) so just a hello, my dear young man, and obviously a lot of bisous.


Another great post! Thanks, Patrick

mistress maddie said...

That is exactly the massage I get done!!!! I don't think they called it that though. Word for word is what the guys do though. I go to a regular spa and have had the same woman, but she never revealed my cock or even touched it. But on two occasions, I have had two different guys, on separate visits, expose me once I flip and massage my cock too, till completion. I don't think this upscale spa is suppose to do this, but the guys always asked first while grabbing my cock, if they can take care of "this" By this point, I'm putty in their hands. I also get a facial while there, in addition to a mani, pedi, and full body wrap. I LOVE these days.

Rick Jeans said...

Well done, you explained this well. I guess you took the workshop. Explanation on breathing was not mentioned. That's important.
Do you give this type of massages?

Jean WM said...

Very interesting. Is this therapeutic to help those who have trouble getting erections? Or is this a full-body therapy? If I won the lottery, I'd have Tantric massages until I ran out of money!

SickoRicko said...

Hot, hot post!

Fullmoonma said...

Great instructions on how a tantric massage could go, although I guess I've given about 1000 erotic massages and each one is different - which is the point for me. Tantric/erotic massage should enhance the energy that is flowing at the moment. I have a general sequence like the one you describe, and since most of the men I work with are in their 20's or 30's and loaded with erotic energy, ejaculation usually ends the massage. Sometimes it can feel a lot like sex-on-the-massage-table, and if that's what works for the client, that's OK, but the most powerful sessions are when we both achieve the intention to get to high states of erotic charge and stay there a long time.

As Joe Kramer (BE founder) used to describe it, the basic principle behind body electric is having erotic energy moving in the body, not just in the genital region but filling the whole body, especially the heart. BE's teaches to avoid ejaculation since with men, ejaculation involves expelling erotic energy. There is a big emphasis on breathwork techniques to charge the body, and completion of BE massage is often a breath orgasm, or "big draw", which grounds the energy without losing it.

BE tantra teaching varies a lot with the teacher. I was shocked at my last BE tantra workshop several hears ago because the teacher advised avoiding erotic energy and concentrating on pure tantra, whatever he meant by that!

whkattk said...

@ Rick Jeans - I took the Body Electric weekends and attend Tantric Massage classes. Yes, we do this type of massage in class. We don't worry about breath instruction anymore because we found the breathing comes naturally if the massage is being done properly.

whkattk said...

@ mistress maddie - Darling, upscale spa, regular spa, those masseurs know the massage is not complete without doing the cock. And I would be requesting one of them rather than taking whomever the spa wishes to send into the room.

I've been contemplating doing the whole schmear: facial, body scrub, mani-pedi, and massage all in one day. It must be heavenly to be pampered like that.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - While this type of body work could be done for ED, the massage is typically a whole body therapy. You should look for a masseur/masseuse there who practices this. You would be wanting to have it done every day! LOL.

whkattk said...

@ Fullmoonma - Yes, I've taken the BE weekend seminars - this is where I first learned. Now I attend classes each month. There are typically 6 to 10 men; we trade during the evening. Obviously we don't strictly follow the BE teachings since we bring the concentrated energy to the genitals. Sometimes a guy will ejaculate, sometimes not. For us, it doesn't matter; it is the choice of the "client" to either retain the energy or go for full release.

hot guy with abs said...

I quite like receiving massages. I really enjoy those. :)

miracleman said...

I wonder how many gay guys started out with a massage as their first gay experience. My first time was not with a massage, but my first real satisfying experience was proceeded by a massage. Great post.