Friday, December 11, 2015

Natural Curiosity

Well, as Faithful Reader Jean points out, there are real issues with guys hearing about sex from their dads...though, I suspect it's all for show with the sons. From my own experience, I would've liked my dad to have told me as much as he possibly could about things. And, maybe I would've felt embarrassed at first - but that should also be part of a father's job: to explain there is no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed by such a natural and basic thing.
Good heavens, it shouldn't be any more difficult than learning about any other natural function we so easily tackle
And there's certainly no reason to be ashamed of natural curiosity about what is going on and why


Today, with the internet, it's much easier for guys to get access to the info on the proper use of their tools, and self-discovery is nice, and (back in the day) books and magazines helped us 



 but nothing can take the place of a face-to-face discussion and practical experience.





AOM said...

I agree with Jean but I think that is because of the current culture. I think if we taught from birth that the body is beautiful and all its parts and functions are normal and natural then I don't see where there would be any embarrassment. Wishing you a delicioud jizztastic weekend, bro! Hugs and Strokes, AOM


Wonderful as always! Trust you have a restful weekend. Paul is blogging again. I also had had email from him.

Xersex said...

love the pics!!!

happy weekend with my last post:

A French Patrick said...

There is an age when a boy needs instructions for use, but it's not at the same age for everybody, and that doesn't help the father.
As for me, I was recently speaking about Santa Trump, and thinking what I think now, I would have prefered no advice rather than those of one of the Trump's family easy to identify... but he would have probably made me think the same things than him. Poor me, in this case.
I wish you a wondrous and restfull weekend, my love, with a lot of bisous.

SickoRicko said...

Many pix worth stealing here!

mistress maddie said...

And thank goodness there are blogs like yours. I was just educating last night with two friends.

Jean WM said...

Believe it or not riding in the car is a good place to chat about stuff like this. My son and I had the best conversations in forced confinement!!

You can tell they want ACCURATE info. They are actually a little more inclined to talk to us because we talk to them much more than their dads of few words.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - You may be absolutely correct. One of my good friends revealed she is the one to have discussed masturbation with her son while in the car. (His father refused to have any discussions at all.)