Tuesday, March 15, 2016

All About the Balls

I've been saving this... Not sure why, but today is the perfect opportunity for it. It is stuff like this which fascinates me about the male genitals.
A couple of months ago, a Faithful Reader emailed me about the Dartos muscles of the scrotum.
We all think the skin just tightens up, like the rest of the skin on our bodies "crawls" when something freaks us out. But there the ballsac contains a layer of muscle that makes it pucker when cold, to help lift the balls to maintain the proper temperatures for the production of our little swimmers.
And, while we all believed the Cremaster Muscles surrounding the testicles are what lift them when we cum, the muscle layer of the sac assists in this, too.

And, speaking of balls... That's right, it is

Buddy Ball Check Day

So, cup those little guys...get them nice and warm, 

hanging loose and low.
Then roll them around between thumb and fingers.
Look for odd lumps, check the "sponginess" of them. If all seems well, excellent. If anything feels odd to you, call for that appointment to have your doctor check them out.
Then encourage all the men you know to do the same. You never know - you may save a life. Don't only be bold enough to check your balls
Be bold enough to talk about it
My wife is as fully committed as I am to this. After her boss died last November, a friend has taken the son under his wing and has begun to give him The Talks. My wife reminded this Mentor to include the lesson on the Ball Check. Said Mentor admitted he'd never thought about it. Since the Boss Man had Stage 4 ball cancer, it's even more important that his son learn how to do the monthly ball check. Mentor man promised he would have the conversation that night.
So, drop trou
And check those balls!




Xersex said...

thanks for caring!

A French Patrick said...

After so much and so many lessons month after month I am always amazed when I learn a new thing here on the day dedicated on examination of the balls. Today, it is the role of the muscle layer.
Thank you, mon chéri, you have deserved a wondrous day with a lot of bisous which are as many balls-checkers accredited by the Public Health Agency of France. Or maybe elsewhere.

mistress maddie said...

Yes, most important to keep those low hangers in check. And in regards to yesterdays comment, I don't know if its actually called binding but that was my term for it. 😃

SickoRicko said...

Yes, sir!