Monday, March 21, 2016


I trust everyone had a lovely weekend. It is now officially Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. Ah, Spring... When young men's fancy turns to thoughts of love. 
What a poetic way of saying men find themselves unusually horny.










Yet, I still find myself longing for Summer, when I can be outside and naked.





AOM said...

Hey Brother! I hope you had a lovely week and weekend. It is Spring and I'm getting hornier - more than usual : ) I can't wait for summer either but I am going to enjoy the springtime while we have it. Wishing you a bonerific day. Hugs, Strokes and Licks, AOM

A French Patrick said...

You prefer Summer? OK, but don't we need springs under our shoe soles to jump up to Summer?
This year Spring was earlier than usual mainly but not only because it is a leap year.
I wish you a wondrous day, mon chéri, with my warmest spring bisous.

Xersex said...

happy spring!


Wonderful selection of men and cocks! Here it is wet and cold! Very heavy rain and strong wind yesterday. All went well with the cardiologist "Come back in 12 months"!

SickoRicko said...

I'm really looking forward to being naked outside as well!

Fullmoonma said...

Snow this morning in Boston - but only a couple of inches around the base of the daffodils. I'm still horny, especially because of a hot tantric session last evening. And I too am looking forward to being naked outside!

Jean WM said...

Brrrrr! Still cold here! But looks like the sap is starting to run!

Anonymous said...

Well, you know the Lakota word for summer basically means "male time", right?

whkattk said...

@ Anon - I didn't know that. I wish I'd had more time with my Native Am friend, so I could have learned more about the ways of his Nation. He was a very kind, gentle, giving, loving man...I miss our conversations.

Justin said...

So you finally checked out your blog list Haha

A French Patrick said...

@ Jean WM
Don't worry, darling, everybody has well understood that you spoke about the sap of the trees and other plants. Obviously not about the sap simmering in our balls even if this last one is more boiling in Spring.
Hugs and kisses.

Anonymous said...

Any more stories of him you wish to share some time?

I don't know much about the etymology of blokétu other than being a contraction of bloka and etu. I think it has to do with summer activities. Sun Dance is in summer. Vision quests are in summer. Men stripped to a loincloth and moccasins in summer, unless it was formal. The freedom of little to no clothing means fighters (mostly men) can dodge more swiftly.

Nude sports could be a summer theme, now that I think about it. Or outdoor JO.