Thursday, March 31, 2016

Care to Join In?

It appears that March will go out the same way it came in. I had my doubts. But, today the sun is shining and warmth permeates the air. When this happens, I know it won't be much longer before my days are spent outdoors and naked, doing all sorts of my favorite things
But not necessarily in that order.
Care to join in?


A French Patrick said...

You already know with no possible doubt that I would care to join in, since it is with you.
But as you wish a confirmation, I confirm.
You can begin to get ready to accommodate me.
In this wait, I wish you a wondrous day, my darlingly friend, with a lot of bisous of "all sorts of your favorite things" on my favorite things of yours.

Anonymous said...

Besides our favorite activity 🍆💦 any others?


Spring must be in the air! Everyone is "springing to attention"! But the nights are cooler here and we go back to "real time" this weekend! Off to the specialist soon!

SteveXS said...

In #7, I think I know the dude on the left. Much sexier in person!

SteveXS said...

In #7, I think I know the dude on the left. Much sexier in person!

SickoRicko said...

I would love to join in! It's supposed to be sunny and 75 here Friday so Jerry and I are going to the naked beach on the Columbia River!

Jean WM said...

"And so is love, we both share what we both bring along." French Patrick.
So true, sex with "like" is fine but sex with love is not to be missed! Anyone who's had it knows what I mean.

A great way to welcome the coming month of April. It will be what we call April Fool's day, April 1.

Xersex said...

what great beginning of April!

enjoy my musketeers

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Yes, men do appear to be more accepting than women of their male partners enjoying sex...and I do wish there could be equal footing there. Sex with love is incredible, it is intimate; with someone you love it can also be less than that. Done just for the pure enjoyment of it - as two men will do when they can - is just "fun" though the orgasm can be incredibly intense.

A French Patrick said...

@ Jean WM
Thank you.
I am happy for you to learn that you have had the opportunity to experiment both of them.
Concerning men, orgasms are very rare, very different from a simple ejaculation, and for my part, I have had only two orgasms in seventy years of existence, every time with a loved one, and I think that I am very lucky.

I think that it is normal, not to say obvious, that the "women do appear to be less accepting than men of their male partners enjoying sex". It is necessary to compare what is comparable. The men are not pregnant, do not deliver, dedicate fewer time to the education of the children, and their notion of the couple has difficulty in aligning itself with that of their wifes, even when they love them profoundly.
Maybe that they are more selfish and satisfied with themselves at a lower price.
Bisous, dear Jean.

Fit Studs said...

Not at all. Then I'll choose only 1 dude, lucky one, that is...
And take him in, literally! :D