Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Beware the Ties That Bind

Beware the ties that bind...
Actually, beware the damage which can be done to your cock.
mistress maddie has asked about "cock binding," also called cock "bondage," or "banding." It's a form of BDSM play that many people enjoy. But, it must be played safely! Because this is essentially like using a cock ring
(and we've talked about those before)
Depending upon how tight the cording is wrapped and how long it is kept in place, permanent damage can result. As the site BMEZINE puts it:

"It is very important to note that tight binding even as short as an hour can in some cases result in permanent and irreversible damage, sometimes resulting in full castration. Please be careful if you enjoy this type of play unless you want to be a eunuch! It is essential that you be able to release the bands; do not underestimate how difficult it can be to remove industrial ties or even elastrator bands."

Abrasion and bruising is always a risk

But, really what is happening is the flow of blood (and needed blood oxygen) is being cut off.
Some guys will just bind the balls
or the head
If you've got a partner with you, always, always, always! have a safe word. If your cock begins to feel cold or numb, it's time to loosen or remove the binding. Agree ahead of the games that he or she will keep an eye on the clock. If you're going at this solo, you'll need to be very cognizant of these things yourself.


Don't get so lost in the fun that you forget the healthy functioning of your equipment
Or a trip to the Emergency Room will be in your immediate future. If you do require a trip to the ER, call an ambulance, and make sure the EMTs know what they're dealing with. Because sitting in an ER waiting room will add to the damage. To repeat the BMEZINE warning: do not underestimate how difficult it can be to remove the binds.

Keep tabs on what's happening. Keep your cock (and balls) healthy



A French Patrick said...

What I think is that it's time to loosen or remove the binding before the first second of this torture. In one word, no binding, never. Nobody deserves such a punishment, and to want it, this is pure raving madness.
But I don't remove my wishes that you will enjoy a wondrous and all the bisous which link us without "binding" us.

mistress maddie said...

Well there clears things up. The guy who did it to me only did my testicles, and then once around the base of the shaft. So it acted like a cock ring I suppose. We only kept it on for about 30 mins. It was different, but the cum shot was real high. Like I said, I'm a,shooter anyway, but it really shot a hole in the wall. Thanks for the oat my friend.


Great information. I used to indulge in some similar cock/ball play by myself, but was always very careful not to overdo it. Rubber and elastic bands can be difficult to remove. If necessary just cut them. Better to lose a band that have an injured cock or balls! Sorry but somehow I missed visiting yesterday! Not sure why! Thanks for all your visits and comments. OH! Paul has posted again! Hugs, Patrick

A French Patrick said...

I wish a very happy feast day to His Holiness Maewyn Succat (better known as Saint Patrick) as well as to all those among my friends on BWA who, like myself, have received the grace of bearing this beautiful name, and I ask him to grant them his special protection in guiding them in all the days of their life.

SickoRicko said...

The things that some people do! Some of those pix looked quite painful!

Xersex said...

quite impressive. I don't tie my dick! ever with rings!

Anonymous said...

But sometimes it can be a lot of fun! And I suspect that rope bondage is safer in that it's easier to remove.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in rural northern Indiana. Those tight rubber bands are how you castrate a calf. There's no way anyone is getting close to my cock or balls with something like that.