Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Mentor

We enter the first stages of puberty and, typically, this is the first thing we notice
Our first thought is most likely, "What the hell is this about?!?!" It intrigues us, we'll spend spellbinding hours in an attempt to figure it all out. If we're lucky, we have someone who has already experienced the boners and the wet dreams and the pre-cum wetness. 


Maybe it's a father, or uncle. 

Maybe an older cousin or friend. 
For me, it was my brother. And, thank God for that!
An email from a reader asked how - because he didn't want his younger brother fumbling, frightened, and confused as he'd been going through it -  asked how he could broach the subject to teach that younger sibling about masturbation; to be a mentor.
It's so very, very important for guys to understand what is going on. To learn as much about their changing bodies as possible. How normal it is to get those frequent boners that can sometimes be annoying

and proper care of the cock - especially if they still have a foreskin.
And, yes, that jacking off is normal and healthy
and that frequent ejaculations are good for them.


Xersex said...

you should receive a prize form medical world!!

A French Patrick said...

Excellent. I bet (and I hope) that the next post will explain to them the precautions to be taken before fucking or being fucked.

I have a piece of news which is going to please you and to make you proud of being an American if you do not already know it: an American citizen appears on the list of 273 people among whom will be chosen the next Nobel prize of the peace. You guess who? Yes, bravo! In fact who else? Donald, obviously! And I do not speak about that of Disney. A duck, what is more a fictitious one, that would be surprising. While, on the contrary, this Donald is a... “trump” card. He has been nominated because of his "vigorous peace through strength ideology."

I wish you a great day, my darling, with a lot of bisous.


Great advice as always! Wonderful images!

Jean WM said...

I am back in the USA! So I made the mistake of turning on the news while Romney was calling Trump a con and phoney. We've lost our minds. Thank goodness Pat's blog is an oasis in the madness!

Some hard guys there, maybe this is how things are suppose to work. What better way for Mother Nature to force you to DO SOMETHING about it!!!

Fullmoonma said...

My initiation - it'd been playing with my penis forever, but now it became serious business!

It’s the summer of 1953, I’m almost 11 years old, and the big kid down the street had something to show me. Unusual, because he mostly ignored my existence. He led me down into the basement of the house under construction next door where it was so dark I couldn’t really see clearly what he was doing. He took his penis out of his pants, turned away, and in a little while peed what looked like a milk against the wall. For the next two years at night in my bedroom I attempted to duplicate this feat, devoting countless hours and punishing my penis because it wouldn’t perform. Eventually a few feeble squirts of a colorless fluid would shoot out, but obviously there was something very wrong…

(My first blog entry!)

SickoRicko said...

Great post, great pix!

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Welcome back! And thank you for such kind words... Yes, Mother Nature does create the is up to us to figure out how to handle it (no pun intended).

SteveXS said...

Jacking of is SO normal and SO healthy!!!

SteveXS said...

#4 is one of my all time favorites. Something about the innocence and naturalness combined.

Anonymous said...

I've just been reading earlier entries. I'm surprised with this talk of mentors, you didn't mention more about the guy who taught his sons how to masturbate. As in, which nation was he? How far did he go? And so on.

whkattk said...

@Anon - The father who taught his sons to masturbate is from right here in the good old US of A. He showed him how to stroke the wasn't until much later, when his son was 20, that they began to touch one another's cocks and enjoy threesomes with women who were game.

Anonymous said...

We may be...confused. Nation as in Sioux or Cheyenne or Cherokee or...Indians aren't a monolith, and it reminded me of something I read in a psych book while in high school. That's all.

whkattk said...

@Anon - Ahah! Yes, the Native Americans VERY much believe in mentoring their sons about masturbation; they teach them by actually showing them. At least that's what a NA friend of mine told me years ago - he was the tribe Shaman as well as a licensed physician. I met him when we both attended the local Jack-Off Group. I can't remember what tribe - it's in the Southwest is all I remember.

Anonymous said...

Indians don't have shamans. (I say this as someone who personally knew a now-deceased Mongolian shaman.) But that's just my insistent terminology. Anyway, I could see how this discussion could be problematic: South Dakota, for instance, defrauds the Feds by finding any excuse to put Lakota kids in foster care, and marking the whole lot of them as special needs. And is not the only state to play this game. You understand my concern.