Friday, March 18, 2016

Cheeky Bastard

It's been a long week... I think we might need a bit of levity.
Lighten things up.
Did somebody order Heavy Cream in their cereal?

Now? Seriously? When I'm trying to get ready for work?

Someone needs a proper education in cum rags

Are you trying to go straight to Hell?

I'll bet you can. Care to prove it, though?

Care to come in for a demonstration?

The 2016 Summer Fashion Line from Naturists, Inc

Talk about a public admission

Punching Bag??? Um...I think not.

Dudes! It's not a Performance Art installation!

Bro! Learn how to aim, dude.
(The power shot his buddy was not expecting.)

Stiff, as stiff should be.

Lordy! Does this guy really need to ask?

All right, bro. We'll see you when your done.

It may be a while.
My buddy was here a few days ago...he was kind enough to say, "Did you miss a few buttons, or are you trying to tell me something?" as he pushed a finger through and touched my cock; something he'd never done before in all the years we've been friends. Not that we haven't seen each other naked - good heavens we've been naked together more times than I could count. And had plenty of 'guy' conversations about jerking off, and stuff.
"Oops. Forgot." Yes, a bad habit I've gotten into since I'm home alone most of the day. The height of laziness, I admit, to not button up after taking a whizz.
When he got home, he emailed me this picture. 
Cheeky bastard. LOL.
Anyone ever get photos of you?


mistress maddie said...

Anyone ever get photos of me? You need to ask? O text and email pictures easily. Nothing shy about me. And how I would live to spend a afternoon with the guy revealing that whopper out of those button fly jeans!!!! I could watch it swing all day😈


Great post as always! When I first started my first blog, I posted some photos of my cock! Also exchanged nude photos with a friend in USA, who has since died. Have a restful weekend, Patrick

SickoRicko said...

Love the "Can't Stop Masturbating" sign!

Jean WM said...

Great post, happy weekend!

A French Patrick said...

Great pictures, and what happened "a few days ago" with your buddy is amusing.
Sorry, yesterday I was with my son and grandsons to celebrate Maewyn Succat in a marvellous restaurant, but I can still wish you a wondrous end of your weekend with a lot of bisous.

Xersex said...

great post!!!

Rêi Dominador said...


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Spicy_D69 said...

Love the post and the pictures