Friday, March 4, 2016

Nature Forces Our Hand - Mentor, Part Two

Sexual orientation aside, as Faithful Reader Jean points out, Mother Nature has a way of forcing our hand. But we shouldn't have to go it alone. If parents aren't going to step up to the plate, then someone taking that responsibility is a good thing. My response to the young man who asked about mentoring his younger brother pretty much stayed focused on the issue of masturbation. Here is my response (in part):

"If you have already established a good relationship with your brother, already confided in one another about other things, it should be relatively easy to broach the subject. 

I would begin the conversation - in private, of course - by asking him if he wakes up in the morning with a boner. Explain it's normal, it's important that it does, and why. Ask if he has become aware of his cock getting hard at weird times. Then you can explain that frequent boners ensure the health of the tissue. 

If you can, get some labeled diagrams that show the process of going from soft to hard. Your parents are much less likely to freak out if they discover diagrams of male genitals rather than photos. At least diagrams can be explained as education.

You need to tell him you understand how sensitive his cock gets, and you know how good it feels to play around with it, that it's normal and healthy - stress that you do it, that all guys do it - even if they're married. (Unless he's been injured, or has some other medical issue, yes, your father jacks off.) You might also explain that we masturbate for a variety of reasons - not just because we're horny, or because it feels good, but because it's good for our health.

By your brother's age, he should have already had an ejaculation. Ask if he's had a wet dream - woken in the middle of the night cumming, or noticed any wetness or dried semen on his pajamas in the morning. If he hasn't, should happen very soon. (Personally, my opinion is this: If a guy hasn't cum by the age of 14 at the very latest there is a physical problem which should be investigated by a doctor.)

Don't be surprised if your brother gets embarrassed at first when you begin discussions - yes, it will probably take lots and lots of talks to teach him everything he needs to know. Just keep calm yourself, don't show any hesitation in explaining something, and encourage him to ask questions.

Drawing a picture can come in handy sometimes. You can drop your pants to point to various areas if need be, but do not touch his genitals in any way, shape or form!"

My statement about not touching his brother's genitals was strictly due to age; there are Age of Consent laws on the books, and I didn't want his teaching to be misconstrued in any manner.
Boners happen
And as nature forces our hands, we masturbate.
There's no reason to have to hide it - especially from a brother








E (Thanks to French Patrick for these 4 gifs)

 And, as my brother and I did, we eventually included a few of our buddies. We experimented, we taught one another.



Have you ever mentored a sibling or friend?


A French Patrick said...

"To masturbate, it is to make love with somebody whom we love." (Woody Allen)

Annie Hall: Oh, well, now we're finally getting to a subject you know something about.
Alvy Singer: Hey, don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone I love.

And I think that if we want to make love with another partner, it is enough to change hand.

I wish you a wondrous weekend, my darling, with a lot of bisous.


I think your advice is always very good! Unfortunately, I had no one to assist me as I developed. However, I still here today - almost 82 years old! Thanks for your visits and comments. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs et Bisous, Patrick

Jean WM said...

To my best friend in high school, yes, I was the mentor. For a girl this was knowledge that wasn't shared like boys do. I can't remember how I figured it out, but it was just too good a thing not to share with my best friend. I hope she still thanks me!

Have a great weekend!

P.s. I told you men seem to be shy about full-frontal exposure because "size" is such an issue. After listening to the results of the Republican debate last night, I rest my case. Did they really all hold their hands up? Yes!

SickoRicko said...

My younger brother and I messed around in our teens, but I can't say that either of us mentored the other.

SteveXS said...

Twins were once the same zygote. Where's the surprise?!

mistress maddie said...

After I got mentored by my nephew, I went to and mentored several neighbor boy friends of mine. But my first full on sexual encounter came in the form of a younger friend of my fathers. I got back home yet again....a weekend to myself...finally. I plan to spend ALOT of quality time with a cock this weekend. Hope you have a good one too.

Fullmoonma said...

A lot of my erotic massage sessions are teaching young men what their bodies are capable of - first a relaxing back massage then a long front massage raising cock energy and spreading it around the body for 20 - 30 minutes. I've also been trained in BE Sacred Intimate work and occasionally have a more focused SI session helping to expand erotic repertoires. And of course mentoring is one of the goals of my blog - Not all these sessions are successful mentoring: I remember sucking a 15 yo neighbor's cock when I was 14 but he wasn't very interested!

Xersex said...

I'm an only child and I was very shy not only in my teenage but also in my youth, and I'd have better died than speaking of sex with anyone. So I have never had of a mentor. And, honestly I have never felt the need of such presence in my life, sexually speaking!

happy sunGAY all!!!

SteveXS said...

Nature. If we listened to nature instead of a list of human rules born of shame, imagine how much better and easier life would be for everyone.

whkattk said...

@ Steve - How absolutely correct you are.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - LOL! Yes, they did indeed. I found it amusing and sad at the same time. Though, LBJ (as the story goes) ushered a senator, who was opposing him on some issue or other, into the Oval Office. LBJ then flopped his cock out on the desk, looked the senator in the eye and said in that infamous Texan drawl of his, "You'll never win, son. Don't even try." I swear posturing of men is nothing than a big "size" challenge.

Anonymous said...

I was the youngest of my friends, but an early bloomer. (First wet dream at 9.) One night in the summer, a couple years later, I was camping with them near a small pond near my place (and far enough away from any roads), we went swimming. Of course we were naked. We decided to just air dry. But I fell asleep while drying. I had a wet dream that night. And they saw it!

That morning, when I woke up with dried cum on me, they asked me what had happened. I explained it happens sometimes when I don't take care of it. One of them asked what I meant. So, I showed them.

Two of them later confessed they knew about masturbation and just wanted to see me masturbate. We later had genuine circle jerks and wrestled naked, sometimes rubbing our dicks together until we came or one guy rubbing between the other:s thighs while the second gets off on the first's abs.

To my knowledge, none of us got a girl pregnant or got an STD.

Anonymous said...

I was half-hoping half-dreading some GOP 🍆 shots after that. Eh, Rubio's cute, so it wouldn't be all bad.

Well, the Dems, I know nothing about Bernie's penis except that I assume it's cut 🔯 and the biggest of the remaining Democrats. And Hillary can never take that away from him. 😃

Also, I just realized neither Bernie nor Hillary's genitalia look like mine. O, what is a poor uncircumcised leftist to do? Oh, I know! Vote on something other than cocks!