Friday, October 28, 2016

Common Ground Five

Well, Dad, I hope this week of posts has gotten you to think, has helped you in figuring out what to say and, perhaps, how to say it. You've got a lot of work ahead of you, but it can be accomplished over time. First and foremost is getting both of your sons to understand that they've got nothing they shouldn't have.
Nature provided what is there. There is no reason whatsoever they should be ashamed of the equipment between their legs, because every male has the same with only slight variations. Your sons should never be afraid to be naked in front of each other, you, or any other guy. (Well, they shouldn't be ashamed in front of any woman, either - in the proper setting.)




If you haven't already, you might begin - slowly - introducing casual nudity in your house.

And that boners happen.

The more comfortable they are being naked (even with a boner) in the home environment, the less trouble they'll have if and when they're in a locker room.
Because son #2 expressed concern about you seeing his morning log, you should be concerned about why he was upset. So, the other important thing for a first discussion is the normal functioning. Let him know how familiar you are with morning wood.
Son #1 needs to be able to jack off with impunity. It's his bedroom, too. So, the discussion needs to include masturbation. It's normal, it's natural, it's healthy. Neither one of them should have to hide it from the other,
Nor should they have to hide it from you. They shouldn't feel embarrassed if you happen upon them, 

none of you should feel embarrassed if they happen upon you.

Because it all really is common ground.

I hope you aren't overwhelmed by this, and that it turns out to be easier than you imagine. And I really do want to hear from you afterward.
Maybe other fathers can learn something.


French Patrick said...

My son is over 40 years, and my grandsons are his problem, not mine, therefore don't be surprised if I have not enriched your wise and very interressant serial with many comments.
But on your side, can you solve this mystery which puzzles me? Donald Trump's star was vandalized on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. That does not amaze me, it's quite normal and a good news. Better late than never. What bowls me over is that he has been able to obtain one star on this place. Do you know which fallacious pretext has been used for letting him get this honor? Hope you have yourself quite a pleasant weekend.
Have a wondrous weekend, my friend, as well as my beloved Jean. Many bisous, mes chéris!

SickoRicko said...

There's certainly a learning curve to all of this.

Xersex said...

the true problems arise when there are physical problems in some body parts and these parts (and these problems) are not seen!

Anonymous said...

I just hope this situation works out well! Have received your emails! Have a restful weekend. - LP

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Well, someone - probably the man himself - made application and paid the $30,000.00 fee. That's really all it takes if you've found any success at all in the entertainment business.

French Patrick said...

That depreciates incredibly all other medals, and if the tourists knew it I am certain that they would infinitely be less numerous. When the symbol becomes a gadget... When the money replaces the merit... When the glory is for sale...

whkattk said...

@ MFP - I agree that it devalues the honor. They have begun the same thing in Las Vegas...entertainers on the Strip can receive a Star if someone makes application and pays the enormous fee...

French Patrick said...

More than that, it changes the meaning of the Star wich proves that you are not poor, and no more that you have greatt merits.

Anonymous said...

Keep us updated.

Yeah, ideally we could go exposed below the waist as much as possible, just to keep the blood flowing. Your youngest understands the whys and wherefores of this, right?