Monday, October 31, 2016

Dad Has "The Talk"

This was waiting in my email inbox this morning.

"you should be concerned about why he was upset. Those words set off alarm bells as soon as I read them. I sent a text message to both sons telling them there would be a pow-wow Saturday morning as soon as chores were done. My oldest had already made plans with his friends and I made him cancel.
I admit it was tough getting started. I asked son #2 (I like those references) why he got so upset his first morning here when I woke him up for school. Was there a problem I should know about about. Just like a kid he got all red in the face and looked down at the floor. I asked if it was because I saw his erection. Son #1 piped up to tell me his brother knew "boner" and I could say boner if I wanted to.
It turns out his mother threw such a hissy-fit after catching Son #1. She actually told the youngest it was dirty and terrible and he should never touch himself and make it hard. When I woke him up he was afraid I'd be mad and accuse him of "playing down there." Oh, man was I pissed. I took a deep breath and I told him his mother was full of shit.
I have to thank you for dedicating the entire week to this issue. It went easier than I expected. But it took a lot longer than I expected because we talked about everything. Boners, whacking off, I mean everything. The oldest contributed a lot actually to answer his brother's questions. And did he ever have questions. He wanted to know everything about his dick from pre-cum to shooting the load.
The one thing we were able to skip was being naked. I've been naked around my sons for as long as I can remember. I don't know if they've ever seen me with a hard-on, maybe a semi getting out of the shower but they've never said anything. They're comfortable being nude, too. I gave the youngest very strict instructions to stop wearing shorts to sleep so we're all sleeping nude now, too.
Sorry this is a lot longer than I planned and I could go on with more, but suffice it to say that the three of us thank you for your understanding and encouragement. If there are any fathers out there following your blog they need to swallow hard, take a deep breath and just start talking. It's surprising how easy it is once the conversation gets rolling."
I'm very glad things went well. I hoped (knew) they would. Now your sons won't be afraid to come to you when they have questions, or if they have problems with the equipment.






Bravo, Dad!
And, a great big thank you to all of my Faithful Readers for chipping in with suggestions over the months as this saga unfolded.
Happy Hallowe'en to all my Faithful Readers! I hope you will get a treat to enjoy.




SickoRicko said...

Terrific news and pix! Have a treatful Halloween!

French Patrick said...

Everyone has different tastes, then why not this one? As for me, if I would have liked numbering my sons, what is not at all the case, it would have been for them all, and not only to the detriment of my younger son, reduced to a simple number.
Sorry, I have reacts too fast, I see that a little farther "the oldest" becomes "son #1". It is true that when they are so many, that simplifies things.
For all the rest, my congratulations, excepted that I bet that it is not impossible to tell to his children that their mother is wrong, what is true, without offending the one who is not less their mother and without whom this father would not have had these two numbers.

Hugs and bisous, my dear Pat #1 (the one and only).
All my love, my dear Jean #1 (the one and only).

SteveXS said...

The solution to ignorance is education. Thanks for being an outstanding educator!


So pleased that this has worked out so well.

whkattk said...

@MFP - My dad labeled me #2 Son; the only moniker he used which did NOT upset me. The rest, well, they weren't nearly as kind - unless you were of like mind, of course. And, sadly, plenty of people were. As we can tell from the Trump fanatics, there still are. Bisous, mon cheri!

Xersex said...

he's a great educator! that's for sure!

whkattk said...

@ SteveXS and Xersex - Aww...thanks, guys!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all of this and we both want to thank our dad for the talk. My little brother had a ton of questions buyt we both feel alot better about everything. - Son #1 (and #2) :-)