Thursday, October 27, 2016

Common Ground Four

If anyone thinks that just because we've passed the days of puberty a guy's dick won't drive him to distraction they are very sadly mistaken.
We could be sitting at work, and wham! there it is. We squirm a bit in the chair, or try to adjust for comfort and, instead of helping to reduce the blooming boner, the movement causes our clothes to rub against it and make it harder. Before we know it, the log of wood has become a bar of steel.

If it's a boner so hard it hurts - well, all bets are off. We're off to the Men's Room to lock ourselves into a stall until we've beaten it into submission. In a survey conducted by TimeOut (an online magazine out of New York) 39% of men admitted to masturbating at work. Reporter Jillian Anthony suspects the percentage is actually much higher - it's just that some respondents were too embarrassed to admit it.

In January, 2016, Drew Millard of Vice conducted another (very unscientific) survey on the topic of rubbing one out at work and put the percentage at 40%. He began his search of guys who whack at work by reporting on GuyFi, the public masturbation room in New York City. It held a laptop, a chair, and was surrounded by a curtain. Well, okay, it was a marketing stunt for a sex toy company to promote the results of their survey on workplace masturbation by men.
"I do it all the time," said Josh, a guy in his 20s who works at an office. "I've just always used it as a method to calm down and relieve stress during the middle of the workday occasionally." a respondent of Millard reported.
Which is a pretty common reason. If I had a big meeting coming up, it helped calm my nerves. If I was having trouble concentrating or stressing about a project, it eased the tension. During the day, I'd use a stall. Sometimes, if the room was empty, maybe I'd just stand
If I was working overtime - after hours or a weekend - right at my desk
In March of 2012, an LA Weekly report on a survey by Glamour magazine put workplace wanking at 31%. (It appears we guys are getting more honest as the years tick by.) The article's headline went so far as to suggest that men masturbate pretty much "anywhere a boner pops up." How true is that? Reporter Jessica Jung wrote that she "conversed with a male friend and brought up the surprising percentage of men who've jerked it at work. He nonchalantly said he's done it -- and he believes 31 percent is not the real deal, suspecting that the survey takers weren't completely honest. My friend is a straight talker and (believe it or not) very professional, so I asked why he would ever do something like that in a work environment. His response: Guys get boners very often in the day and acting upon it occasionally comes easy and naturally. No matter where they are."

24% admitted to jacking off while driving.

I have an acquaintance (now a Sex Therapist) who did her Master's Thesis on female sexuality and masturbation. In one section she addresses why men are more prone to masturbation than women. She concluded it's because not only do men get frequent erections, but they interact with their penises so many times during a normal day. Think about how many times you take a leak every day.
Then there's showering; dressing and undressing; having to adjust the package for one of those boners. We must directly touch, or interact in some way with our cocks dozens of times each day. That makes it rather a normal progression into jacking off.



Xersex said...

love your illustrations!

mistress maddie said...

First off, the first picture is beautiful and hot me going. Second, I have jack off at work because of the various reasons you state. Even though I already whacked when I got up. Jacking at work can be bad or good depending if you get discovered. We had a co worker who once must have known I'd done it a few times, and once when he was in there with me, asked if he could help out. Which turned to oral. That's a whole other can of goods.

SickoRicko said...

Whacked off at work only once; too nerve-wracking. Jacked off in the car a couple of times but that made for control of the vehicle a little shaky.

Jean WM said...

So true, I think Mother Nature figured she needed to do something to make sure the mission didn't get forgotten - reproduce!!
Hugs Pat for your great info. Bisous to Patrick.

whkattk said...

@ mistress - In my mid-teens I frequently jacked off in the men's room at work. One of my bosses even commented on it at a company picnic once, "Every time I go in to take a piss, there's Pat jackin' off." Sadly, no one ever offered to help me out.

whkattk said...

@ Rick - LOL. Yeah, there is that issue of trying to watch where you're steering when your head is thrown back and your eyes squeeze shut to unleash the load. While I'm driving, I don't take my boner stroking to that point anymore. If it does hit that point, I pull over to cum.

Anonymous said...

I make a rule never to jerk off at work. I guess it's a millennial thing, constant fear of being fired. Even at the height of unions, a workplace wank was grounds for dismissal.

And that was before the current Overton window.